The Brotherhood of Obscurantism


"Whoever forbids the study of philosophy books to anyone who is fit to do so, 
because it is judged that some men have fallen into error for having studied them, 
we say that he resembles the one who would forbid an impaired person 
from drinking fresh, 
good water and make him die of thirst, 
on the grounds that there are people who have drowned in the water. 
"quote D'Averroés.

Right of answers.

Your articles are folkloric:

  • Yes, you are right because the folklore has for first meaning, (see any dictionary): “The science of traditions, uses and popular arts.” Google

  • But also: “All cultural practices (beliefs, rites, tales, legends, festivals, cults, etc.) of traditional societies.” Larousse

  • Or again: “a word composed of the two Saxon terms folk” people “and lore” knowledge, knowledge, science “and proposed in 1846 by Ambrose Merton to designate what was then called Popular Antiquities or Popular literature (NED sv) .CNRTL” FOLKLORE, subst. masc.


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