November 18th Attis party

Atys or rather Attis is a Phrygian god who has been transformed into a pine tree by Cybele (the grandmother or mother of the gods). see

On the day of the holiday, to honor it, you can hang a strip of colorful cloth on a pine branch and write a prayer for it. To deposit a floral composition, to make a libation to him. In the same way you can also share a wish. he will forward your requests directly to the goddess.

He is the symbol of resurrection but above all of reincarnation. It can be solicited to know his former lives (if we believe of course reincarnation).

For example, we can pick some needles (do not forget to thank the tree for his gift) that we place in a small bag under his pillowcase.

Saying three times in a row “Per reversusque memoriae”. (what goes back memory)

Think about what you could have been in your previous life before falling asleep.

you can also ask Attis to remove anyone who is threatening your life as a couple.

To do this! you can for example put your forehead on the trunk of a pine, think of the person and say “Scis. Attis. vel condut error. Suae vita salvator. (You know, Attis, your error, save his life)

We can also ask his help to focus if it is backed by a pine for  anchorage.

And say: “Abiete! Abiete! Abiete! Attis! (fir! fir! fir! Attis”

pinsFocuses Animus meus. Focuses vires animi ». (my mind concentrates, concentrates the strength of my mind.)

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