the soul of nature

“I can not look at a leaf of a tree without being crushed by the universe” Victor Hugo.
As a practitioner of Wicca, we need to be involved in the preservation of the planet, mother earth, and contribute in our daily lives to watch over this cornucopia.

It allows us to awaken our consciousness of the living and submits us to wonder.
It is from her that we draw our strength and our energy. It provides us with our material and spiritual substance. It is the essence of our magical practices and our wisdom. It is an endless egregore whose power is beyond comprehension.
Without it we are nothing.

Anchoring, rooting, centering, whatever it is called is a most precious practice.
It allows us to get rid of all the impurities we have accumulated over the days (negative energy, stress, anxiety, and residual magic that is a great source of physical and mental pain).
it gives us the opportunity to recharge the batteries, to acquire more wisdom, to feel more in adequacy with oneself. it is beneficial for health.
His regular practice makes us more efficient, stronger, more daring.
Whether at home, in the garden or in the countryside, the technique is simple and effective.
eyes closed, we sit cross-legged
(leaning or not against a tree), even lying down (pay attention to nudity is an option and understand risks with the authorities and also health … Fleas and ticks are legions and vector of terrible diseases.)
Imagine that you are a tree and that from the base of your body (feet, legs pelvis, bottom of the spine) leaves roots and penetrates the ground. They feed and absorb the energy of the earth and bring it back to your trunk. Then imagine that these roots are shedding all the impurities of your body and mind.
Inhale deeply, turn your head to the sky, think of the leaves of the tree that you have become. the energy that your roots bring to you through a massive trunk and strong branches. Then think of the opposite way. you capture the energy of the sun, oxygen and bring it to your roots.
Enjoy your breathing by imagining that your roots retract slowly. Your lower body takes place, the trunk gives way to your bust and your leaves turn into hair.
Inhale deeply, stay that way until you find your posture uncomfortable or lack concentration.
Open your eyes and get up are loaded to the block.

NB: do not worry if at first you miss concentration. With time we improve. Also think about Attis to help you ..


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