The little magical people of our homes

The house elve

The house elves are facetious, and they are temperamental for the most part. They are of various sizes and are not like popular imagery would have us believe all old bearded older than centenarians with the lecherous spiritwearing a red cap. It is with the family, most of the time that they settle in the cellars, the lofts the cellars and any other place very little frequented by us humans. They are more attached to the house than to the family that lives in it. But sometimes the opposite is true. It is not uncommon for their children to come with us when he leaves the house. So much nonsense and mischief done together, it brings closer necessarily.Although they like us to remain invisible, they are not discrete in their jokes (they precipitate to the soil objects of decoration which they do not appreciate. all of you live at home and not the other way around. They only show themselves to adults on rare occasions. (because we could remember them, and therefore solicit them).they are workers, but they prefer that it be for their own benefit. They talk to the animals in the house and watch over them. they love to metamorphose often to play tricks. They love milk, and turns into a cat (yours often) to get it. They also like to warm up in front of a cozy fireplace (if you find a cushion in front of the hearth, when you have not put it on it is suddenly that it was occupied by one or more goblins). They are dressed simply, often of mended fabrics which have in their eyes a great sentimental value. They are endowed with astonishing magical power, apart from the fact that they are metamorphic. They can see the future and cast terrible spells on anyone who intrudes or harms one of their members. If you succeed to form bonds of friendship (which is not easy, because he does not like that one seeks to see them or to speak to them) they will bring you their protection, and will not hesitate to give you a boost when you practice the magic arts, inspiring you especially in the formulation of spells and incantations. But be careful, it will only do so if you have a pure heart and your intentions are good and in return you give them a small gift as a thank you. They love dairy products and especially milk. By the way If you want to know if goblins have taken up residence in your home simply put the night, a cup of milk, in a room prohibited to your pets). And check if milk has not been drunk. If so, do not forget to give them often. Like us, they get used to good things quickly.

Domestic Fairies:

Domestic fairies, like their kind, have the same features as us, except perhaps their wings, which they like to hide under magnificent clothes sewn with their hands. they are of a great beauty, and when we dive into their eyes we are subjugated. They are neither small nor big because they choose under which size to appear. They like comfort, cleanliness and clarity. Unlike the elves, domestic fairies do not settle in family in a quiet corner of the house. They prefer places of passage and life, because she hates loneliness. These fairies have left their people for love (which is often problematic, because despite their wisdom, they are very jealous.) Be motivated by deep gratitude. The fairies never forget when they have been served. They attach themselves for centuries to a family until there is no longer a single survivor or that we betray it (their fury is deadly). It only appears to us when they have decided in our dreams, but also in the places of the house where we least expect it. They enjoy our modesty and we play tricks always borrowed kindness. She loves babies especially when they laugh.

hey have great magical powers and know all things by name. They talk to animals about flora and insects and are particularly sociable with other members of the common people. They are wonderful protectors and do not hesitate to share their knowledge. magic especially in the field of herbalism. This is not necessarily the case of other fairies who like to tease in their own way (sometimes cruelly) human beings.They never give anything without waiting for a return. They do not tolerate being told to do things or being upset. Morning dew is a wonderful gift and the smartest way to know if it shares our daily lives. We pick a flower or a leaf soaked with dew that is placed in front of a window on a cloth napkin. if you notice traces of water droplets on the edges of the towel a few minutes later it is that a fairy has passed by.

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