Modern ritual of the magic bottle.

The ritual of the magic bottle is the most used rituals. Easy to realize for his first steps in magic ritual (although by consulting another blog on the subject there is for lead). I titled the article “ritual of the magic bottle” but in reality. it is not fundamental to do the rituals in a bottle, it can be done in terracotta pots type old yogurt, in a glass, in his sink or kitchen sink (good is not practical but you do with what you have) or any other container you find or have on hand. A cardboard cup (or even plastic …) What plastic is not very Wicca that and the environment – plastic is not the most noble of materials, I agree but it’s easy to wash, and it can be kept very very long, it does not break when your pet throws it to the ground because it is lifted from the left foot and then found in recyclable and recycled material. is bad if you throw it all over the place and you overcompass it).

Before embarking on the design of a magic bottle ritual, it must be kept in mind that it will not give results spontaneously. On the other hand, it will fit in time (it’s a bit like the wine improves with time).

Then we have to determine the purpose for which we want to achieve it. Most of the time we use the rituals of magic bottles for love, money, the protection of your home, but we can use it for a lot of other things depending on the magic we want operate. White, natural, elemental, voodoo, black …

I still want to remind you the creed “if no one is wrong do what you like”

Once you have chosen where you want your ritual, all you have to do is get to work. Simplicity = Efficiency. It is useless (unless you are a psychologist and there are some among us) to use a lot of herbs and multiply the rites. We must go to the essential with surgical precision. Start by taking a tour on the net to know which quarter of moon is the day you decide to do the ritual of the magic bottle (do not do it on the new moon unless you practice black magic). here is the site I use

You have a book of shadows on hand, dive in and find your way there. If this is not the case, do not panic! You can also start your own book of shadows (which does not attempt anything.) Determine which deity you wish to address. those you feel closest to (Celtic, Roman, Greek, Nordic …). a simple google search is enough: (who is the Celtic god of love) to find where to turn. Choose your ingredients (plants, stones, shells, leaves of trees, paper, a photo, lock of hair, nail, coin … the list is infinite) .Petite Tip! If you do not have an alphabet of magic plants. Know that flowers have all their languages and you can find online sites on the subject.

As for the magic formulas you will find many more on the internet, in grimoires, books on wicca (probably also on my blog). They are effective for many of them. (but there are also big scams, your instinct will make you feel it). The best thing is to trust each other. Create your own magic formulas. There are certain rituals where it is better to rely on the experience of others, but as far as the magic bottle ritual is concerned, the only risk is that there is no effect. You will realize in the long term and suddenly you will try again. RIMES and POESIES Here is what must characterize your formulas. Let your soul speak as an artist. you are not obliged to make crates. It must be done with heart.

voila, I leave you to your ritual of the magic bottle and if the heart tells you tell me how you got caught.

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