“The most worthy of power is the one who knows the responsibility.

Quotation of Sosthenes from La Rochefoucauld-Doudeauville; The book of thoughts (1861)

When we begin in magic, and even after, we need to evaluate our magical powers. For novices testing their magic gifts and magic in general is an integral part of a good training.

For those who have long practiced the magical arts, the evaluation of magical powers allows you to practice, to go back to fundamentals, to estimate if you need to relax, and to do your own introspection.

Keep in mind that some are born with a gift (they already had before) and others simply need to acquire or reveal it. Do not be discouraged and persevere. (easy to say but not easy to do. Isnt’ it?)

For those who have been practicing magical arts for a long time, the evaluation of magical powers allows you to practice, to go back to basics, to estimate if you need to recharge your batteries, (see, And do one’s own introspection. As everyone knows, the exercise of magical power requires effort (we have nothing without anything) and work.It is sometimes tiring, because it solicits us physically and psychically.

There are obviously several methods to test its magic, some faster than others, I will offer magic exercises for both, but I will commit to prefer a longer evaluation because they are more spectacular and will make a real fund review.

Test your magic with words:

The first exercise is a test of magic easy and fun. One morning choose a word, simple or complicated depending on your mood. Repeat as many times as possible in your mind (during your trip to work or school, during your shopping ect …) As soon as you have the free spirit.The purpose of the test and to hear or read the word without trying to do it deliberately. It is true that there is a high probability that the word will come back at least once during your day, but how lucky is it to come back a multitude of times without trying to read or hear it . made this evaluation of your magic power during 48h.

The second exercise is a more difficult test but just as fun. It take a little more in time. In the same way one morning, think of three different words .Repeat them tirelessly when the opportunity arises. Then choose three people that you rub shoulders with and wait for them to pronounce the three words you have chosen. do this magic test for 13 days,

To experience his magic with nature:

The first test to reveal its magical power is simple, fast and effective.Buy two apples, that you would like to eat (preferably organic, so that your test is not rigged by preservatives.Place them next to them .Give a name that you don’t like at the first and a name you like at the second. To remind you, do not hesitate to write their names on paper near them.(be care that’s nobody must to have a same names around you.) Then every morning for 7 days, after breakfast or coffee, take each of them in turn. and put it in one of your hands. and make compliments to the one you love and tell him why you love him, do the opposite with the other, make remarks to him, and tell him why you hate her.Do the same every night .to seven days .Evaluate your magic power .The apple you love It must be more fit (less wrinkled,great, see intact) than the one you hate.

The second test is longer but more spectacular. Take two potted plants of your choice that bloom (the best is to start with seeds). They must be of the same species. Put them in one place. Give them a name as in the first exercise. Every morning, put your hands on the pot of your favorite and imagine that you transfer to him your positive energy. Do this until their first flowering (it is important to water both in the same way and not put fertilizer on them.) It is very certain that your favorite, will be the most beautiful.

Evaluate your egregore:

This exercise is for witches and witches who have experience. As a reminder, your egregore is a magical force generated by your prayers, your rituals and your thoughts dedicated to the deities that are part of your pantheon. It is a powerful spiritual current. Whether good or bad, all the actions you do, all the thoughts that go through your mind, build and nourish your egregore. It is the very source of your magic ability, it is the reflection of the relationship you have with your pantheon. It gets stronger with time. And must be balanced at regular intervals so that the vibrations that compose it are only strength of elevation, protection and not destruction.

et voila! it’s your turn.

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