“The nature of our mind leads us to seek the essence or the why of things.”

Claude Bernard (1813-1878) considered the founder of experimental medicine.

The objects we use on a daily basis, without our having a magic essence. On the one hand because they are made of matter, and that matter is alive and magic.
As a practitioner of the magical arts this is one of the first lessons we learn. I am referring here to the four elements of air, fire, water and earth. We invoke the guardians to keep our circles, we use them regularly in our rites, and for the development of potions, spells, charms. They help us to synthesize our magic.
They are magical matters.They are magical matter and give magic matter.Without them no energy, no living. It does not matter what our beliefs and certainties are. Rest assured I will not give you a court of physical science, neither philosophical nor even less theological.

On the other hand they also have and that is what interests us a story and a name. These two aspects make that each objects (things can even say) have a magic essence.

the history of objects gives them a part of their magical essence:

To be concrete let’s take an example. We all have in our wardrobe a t-shirt, a dress and some pants that we particularly like. We remember his purchase, the store that made us happy, people who were present at that time (the seller, friends, his life partner ….). Or who? We offered it and on what occasion. We remember what we felt the first time we had them in our hands, our emotions when we tried them. It’s objects had already lived, their manufacture, their journey in the country to get into our hands, they could also belong to someone before us.
All this is part of their stories and that gives them magical powers. They are loaded objects, enchanted objects.

They have the power to make us happy when we wear them. They give us the power to trust in particular moments, they comfort us. They give us a power of attraction (even if they are in the eyes of some of you “love”). It also protects us from the negative vibrations in which we bathe every day in our modern society. Their stories thus mingling to ours make objects to which we attach ourselves. They get a sentimental value that is one of the most powerful sources of protection magic.

Their magical essence keeps growing over time especially if we are their own creators or bewitch them. They take care of our own essence. they are then the prism of what we are, of what we compose. they are our quintessence, and feed on us.

For us Westerners, it is difficult to believe that objects have a spirit, we believe them and see them as inanimate objects while in Eastern cultures and especially in Japan the Tsukumogami (object of over 99 years) come to life. Which leads me to believe that after 99 years objects are no longer enchanted objects, but they come alive in the form of spirit. So they have an own identity made of their history and so they have a name.

The Name of objects is their magic essence:

When I speak of a name, I do not speak of a common name for things or objects, nor of a proper name.

We all have a name that we received at birth so that we could recognize ourselves as an individual. But this name, despite being given after many reflections and representing the hope our parents have placed in us, reflects only a tiny part of our true personality. (Besides, many of us are not really happy with the name of their birth).

Objects, too, have received a name for their creation which in most cases determines what can be done (iron, letterbox) clearly and sometimes their name comes from a language more ancient Latin the Greek the Egyptian or the Aramaic (eg the bag) else come out of the fantasy of their designer and merchandising (lycra). But neither, it does not correspond at all to what they really are.

In reality, as for us humans, objects have a hidden name that is the essence of their magic. It synthesizes both what they have been, what they are and what they will be. It is the result of the endless combination of their stories, and the magical or non-magical use that one in fact. it is in perpetual evolution. he crystallizes his own magical powers with our and those he receives.

It’s hard enough to find a wizard or witch’s name, so I’ll let you imagine what’s the real name of things (or person). But guessing or getting his name hidden is like getting the philosopher’s stone. This would allow us to remove a spell or enchantment that would have been lavished on him instantly. Just by saying his real name, we would take control.

We can manage to have some bits of the name but not the whole. It is not impossible but it is I think the most complicated thing in magic.One can not force an object to reveal one’s true name, either through deities or by some sort of charm. It is necessary that the object gives it itself and it is extremely rare (it happens only in the most critical moments of our life) one can try to obtain it by the trick when at the end of 99 years it turns into a real spirit, but also it would be a real feat and it could not be safe if we do not succeed) .On can if we have a gift of clairvoyance try to guess a fraction, but I do not know people yet who has arrived there.

I doubt that it is the work of a lifetime to see many lives, at least for objects that do not end up in an incinerator (which is not really an end for them, but the beginning of a new life). perishes, but already existing things combine, then separate again “Anaxagoras.

Well I will finish this article by inviting you to always purify your objects because if they are catalysts of good it is just as much for the evil. Do not hesitate to get rid of objects to negativities exacerbated because they are very often a source of misfortune. You will recognize them immediately because their aura will not leave you indifferent.


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