Bewitched dinner.

A business dinner to shine, a meal to conquer someone or simply a Sabbath meal, why not try a bewitched dinner.

To begin, a dinner full of charm and enchantment is not organized at the last minute if you want the magic operates optimally.You need at least 48 hours.

Apart from the esbats that must take place on full moon days, there is really no rule when the moon of the day or you organize your bewitching meal. Please do not do it during a new moon (unless’ is a meal or you decide to settle your account.)

Prepare the room where you will receive:

The day before your magic dinner, apart from the fact that the room must be flawless .But you knew it.Purify the place whith your consacred broom (or vacuum)./themagicessential

In this way you will remove all the negative vibrations. Burn an incense of sage. (white preferably). if you have mirrors clean it, then whisper their “front and back reveals no defects tomorrow” and cover them.

If you have pictures or photos clean it. then say looking at them “by the first three muses, Aédé, Mnémé, Mélété that imagination serve my aspirations”

Brother Lesueur (Eustache Le Sueur)

Prepare the rest of the house:

Start with the doormat of your entry. We do not think about it, but this object (which has a magical essence the essence-magic-of-objects /) besides the fact that it allows to clean shoes, it can also retain the negative vibrations, by throwing consacred salt on him . It can also be used to influence people who put their feet on it,.so that to place their entrance into the home under good auspices. To do this, clean it with your ritual broom (or vacuum cleaner) made to turn it 13 times in front of you saying at the end of the thirteenth rounds “Oh, janus, guardian of the doors. I give you back in good condition .those who past the not from my house. “

If you have decided to serve an appetizer before the meal in your living room or on the terrace clean it with your broom. They are parts that must remain neutral. They are only dedicated to physical relaxation and spirituality. This is the place where you installed your altar? you have to think. if the guest or guests share your beliefs or your philosophy of life, no problem. Otherwise, either you assume (this can be an interesting topic of discussion, and it will give you the opportunity to shine) or you have to resolve to move it . dont’ hesitate to apologize to the goddess and the horned god (or the deity he is dedicated to) promise to make an offering on the night of your magic dinner, including what you have prepared for the meal.

the Goddess

Think of places that will undoubtedly be visited by necessity. The bathroom and the toilet. Burn sage incense. For the mirrors do the same thing as in the first part of the article. Install a magic potpourri either with dried flowers from your garden, or if you already have one, used essential oils of cornflower, lavender, or rose to embalm the room. A few drops are enough. For him to participate fully in the success of the magic dinner you can say the following fate “by the grace of Flora, that the smell of these flowers softens the hearts”

The night before, relax, if you have the opportunity take a ritual bath, light candles put music, drink a glass of wine or hot chocolate take the time to take care of yourself or your half if you are in a couple. Escape your stress to the sound of the music you love with a little incense sandalwood or rose for example. If you do not have a bath take a hot shower solo or duet, take care of your well being and that of your half. Relax in front of a good movie or reading a good bouquet. Before falling asleep, honor the goddess and the horned god, praying.

Enchanted dinner day:

If you do not work, and you are gourmet, shop with serenity, preferably choose them fresh and seasonal (organic is better for you and for the planet). Choose a easy dish you like (still think about what your guests like so they do not get odd, as I always say simplicity = efficiency.) Prepare your meal in advance because a dish warmed and always better than a dish just out of your kitchen. and then your presence is imperative, if you want your charm to act.

If you do not have the time, because you work, do not hesitate if it is for an esbat to solicit your guests, it is a real pleasure to share his culinary skills, these evenings. Otherwise call a caterer, but be sure to put your order in a real dish. Do not say anything about it unless you are asked. Be honest and true.

Set the table, if you cover it with a tablecloth you can draw a chalk pentacle instead of the guest or guests to focus the positive energies.

Bewitching the glasses and drinks you will use to help the atmosphere relax more quickly. group them together before arranging them correctly on the table. Draw a pentacle above them Using your athame (or one of your index fingers) and say “By! Odin, and in honor of kvasir, a sip for poetry, a sip for bonhomie, a last for a good night “

Set the table from the east is going up to the north.If you decide to put a centerpiece (or vases in the room) think to put flowers for a magic dinner of business put gladiolus, lilies, olive branches, white roses, for a table the flowers dedicated to the latter to which you can add forget-me-nots, hydrangeas, wisteria, carnations, For a rendezvous: red or pink roses, hibiscus, hellebore, gerberas, cymbidiums, anthurnums. Put your hands above the center of the table and say if you want to strengthen the naturally magical power of these flowers “O Flora, that each flower, by their smells, express their languages.”

Put candles in the room for a business meal, in small quantities and in strategic places (not on the table) of deep blue colors, for the esbats of the white and purple candles (plus that necessary for esbat) directly on the table in a beautiful candlestick or candlestick. For a dating appointment, let go more there is better. Red color, sky blue, yellow, green, ivory. It is not obligatory for the consecrated ones but to take care all the same to purify them (except for esbat). Use only vegetable paraffin candles.

et voila!Everything is ready for your magic dinner, the choice of dishes belongs to you and the way you dress. Take time to pray in front of your altar before the guests arrive.

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