Myrddin’s party

“As Merlin says, he who teaches others teaches himself!”Jean de La Fontaine (the frog and the rat).

Its history is and will undoubtedly be an eternal debate. It is up to you to make your own convictions on the subject. But I will still expose my point of view on the subject and the way I honor it during his day.

Myrddin’day is celebrated on December 3rd. For me, who is a sorcerer, it’s the most important party. He has as so much names ;that he have legends, stories, and tales about him.
Myrrddin, Merzhin, Merddin, Myrdhyn, Marzhin, Merlinus, Merlin.

Born of an Adhan woman whose only name is known ( Ad in celte = to han = origin. Celtic dictionary) and a spirit, for some an incubus for others a spirit of the sea or air in my case after much research and readings I would opt for the forest. Where Myrddin lived, most of the time. I like to think that he is a son of Cernunnos.The horned god who occupies a privileged place in my pantheon

After all, gods and goddesses are like us. they have feelings and character. Many examples in Greek mythology, we appreciate the human beauties. Let’s not forget in our monotheistic friends, their sacred book tells the story of angels descended on the earth to enjoy not just the sun.

Merlin the Metamorph, the prophet, the time traveler, drew his strength and wisdom from nature. He talked to animals and commanded them, as well as plants and minerals. A perfect Archidruide. He was one of the few to know the real name of every thing. was very close to the little people, so it would be logical to think that he owed some of his knowledge and immense wisdom to them.

Myrddin has inspired and still inspires writers and poets today. More recently, filmmakers and producers of series. After all he was able to travel back in time, maybe without being served so that we would not forget him.

And do not forget, just like us, Myrddin is in eternity. (We die, we are reborn, we die, we are reborn until we are completely fulfilled), his spirit is always present. Even if since the time he had to finish his cycle of life which can say if one day he does not will not come back in human form.

Myrddin must not be worshiped but revered. He is a present to be incorporated but not a divine spirit.

Facetious, he likes to share his knowledge in an enigmatically poetic way so that one can show it worthy and that one does not spare his sentence. It pushes us to teach others so that we can learn a lot about ourselves. Perhaps the fountain had met him himself, and his fables are real stories of Broceliande he would have reported.


Myrddin is the one who made us understand to witches and witches that animals and plants have a language, are endowed with intelligence, and have feelings (more exacerbated than we sometimes do) while the rest of humanity discovers it as you go along with science. That the stars have a power, and that space time is a daily magical reality.

the day of Myrddin’s day:

Myrddlin’s day is the perfect opportunity to make an anchor while thinking about it.
Do not hesitate to talk to your family or friends, the guardians of our houses. Go to the forest. Let yourself be carried away by the singing of birds (one of the animals whose merlin liked to take shape)

Talk to trees with rocks. it will strengthen your relationship with them. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to see a majestic stag (much larger than you may have seen), a sign of the divine presence of the horned god in these places. Take advantage of this walk to find dead deer antlers. If you have the chance to live near Broceliande went to the tomb of Myrddin to collect you there.

At night, for my part I make a circle of power to invoke the spirit of Merlin and enter into discussion with him to get my night needs during the opportunity to see the true nature of my Pets, to obtain the gift of speaking to them, to travel beyond time, to strengthen my links with nature, to solve a problem that seems to me insoluble. To obtain a new magic formula, to have his knowledge and his wisdom ..

I meditate and wonder about the future of our planet and what I could do. I thank him for watching over us wizards, for being an inspiration, and our door teaches the horned god and the goddess. I pay tribute to him and bless his names.I make an offering and a libation before concluding, promising to be always in search of knowledge.

et voila, good party

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