Penetrating bowl

I propose here to develop the gift of clairvoyance or to acquire the technique in a simple and effective way with a practice for beginners and confirmed wizards and witches.

Kindness is the best source of spiritual insight.
Du sentiment tragique de la vie (1913)
 de Miguel de Unamuno.

Farseeing ,what does in mean?

It is the capacity to be able to see in the past (retrocognition) or in the future (precognition) events concerning a person, a situation, facts.It is an extra-sensory perception. A distant vision that is not recognized by scientists and which nevertheless particularly interests the army. But also the services of police who appeal to clairvoyants in abduction cases for example.

We must not confuse clairvoyance with mediumship. Mediums (or chnannel) can be clairvoyant, but they get the benefit of entity, of spirit.

Who can be enlightened?

Some, we are not afraid to say it, more easily than others. But it is not a providential gift of nature as one can read it or hear it say often enough. This is within everyone’s reach, if we use magic tools.What must be said is that to arrive at a good clairvoyance it is necessary to practice often. The beginnings are difficult (because it takes concentration) and confusing (we can not always interpret what we see). And it happens very often, during the first tests that we see absolutely nothing. See in the strict sense of the term, our conscious does not systematically decipher what our unconscious captures. A little like dreams, we dream every night and yet we do not necessarily remember.

We must follow his intuition, his reptilian spirit, even though neurobiologists like Mr.http://Jean-Didier_Vincentare convinced that we have three distinct brains.

What is the bowl of clairvoyance?

It is used most often to see the future. The future we see there is not an immutable future (this is the case for tarot too). It is a vision of the near future or of a future more or less long term. It presents the greatest probability that what one perceives arrives. But it is by no means a certainty because since we know this probability it is easy to interact for change. Either so that it does not arrive or to reinforce it.In the case of the past, there is no probability, there is only certainty and conviction, sometimes altered by a bad interpretation.

It can also be used to know the worst of our enemies, the one who curses us, or to visit the ethereal world which is a difficult and dangerous practice.Who will be the subject of a future article.

Practical exercises of Penetrating bowl:


  • a bowl, or a non-translucent glass, your cauldron (you can spend it for more success)
  • fresh water (you can spend it for more success)
  • a candle (not required but recommended)incense (oliban or benjouin or sandalwood).
  • a small purified stone (for beginners).
  • black ink (for the intermediate year)

Before beginning the exercises, I suggest you exercise your concentration with a mirror, a window or whatever it is that reflects your image (exercise that can serve you later). Observe you 5 minutes, then close your eyes and see the picture of you that you have just seen.

Exercise for beginners:

Put your recipient in front of you in a bright place but no direct sun. install yourself comfortably. Light your candle, you are in order, and your incense.

Ask a question, if you have a candle look at it by repeating the questions three times in a row or silently it is you who choose. if not, bring your attention to the smoke of incense.

Say with your left hand on top of the container: “Oh no one else than me wants answers to my choices” immerse the stone in the container and count the number of ripples on the surface of the water (wait until the water has become placid again). the even numbers indicate a positive answer the odd ones a negative answers.

Intermediate exercise:

Put your container in front of you in a clear place but no direct sun. Make yourself comfortable. Light your candle if you have it and your incense. fix one or the other for a moment, thinking of nothing but what you are watching. Then as soon as you feel ready place the left hand at the top of the container and say:

O goddess past and present are bound, the born is dying, the dying is born.

that an instant of this cycle be revealed to me “

Put some ink in the water. wait for a shape to emerge. It will be up to you to interpret it keeping in mind that the first intuition is often the right one.

Exercise for confirmed wizards and witches:

At dawn or sunset. Put your container in front of you in a clear place. Light your candle and incense. Center yourself, capture the creative energies of your environment. Become in the epicenter. Call in the goddess and the horned god in the form of a litany then project with both hands the energy you have accumulated on the container and immerse your eyes in the water.

visions will not be long in appearing. As far as I am concerned, I have a habit of projecting their memory in a stone so as not to forget a part of it, but also that there were no dreams afterwards. Thank the gods.

As far as I am concerned, I have the habit of projecting their memories into a stone so as not to forget them on the one hand but also because it does not pollute but dreams afterwards.

If you do these exercises or have questions, report back to me. I remain at your disposal.

Magus Alba

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