THE FOUR PRIMARY and their winter festival

the 4 elements

It’s December 8, that is organized the feast of the four elements. Without them no life, no magic.

Against the raging elements, there is nothing to do. So we do not do anything. We rely on destiny.Friday or Wildlife – Michel Tournier

What are the four primordial elements:

These are the roots of all things, as Empedocles thought, one of the first philosophers who questioned the origin of the world. are the matter of everything and matter to all things. The components of all forms of life. They govern the world.

They are the basis of all magic whether it is white, green, red or black. The primordial elements can not exist without the combination of others. They attract and repel each other. They create and destroy. They feed our magic essence and we dispossess it.

They are the basis of all magic whether it is white, green, red or black. The primordial elements can not exist without the combination of others. They attract and repel each other. They create and destroy. They feed our magic essence and we dispossess it. They are sources of power, hope, misery and despair. They reassure but worry too. We call them by different names, here are some examples knowing that all cultures have their own designation (in the order of invocation).

  • Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel
  • Sylphs, Salamander, Ondines, Gnomes,
  • Euros,Notos, zephyr, Boreas
  • Cybele, Juno, Neptune, Jupiter
  • Ruach, Esh, Mayim, Eretz
  • Hera, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades

What are the four essential elements:

Air in all its forms. the one we inspire and we exhale, the ambient air that it is pure or stale, the wind … It is for me the symbol of the spirit because we do not see it, but we feel the effects.

Fire whatever its nature. the flame, the spark, the combustion, the fission. the ardent desire for something …. It is the symbol for me of life because after its passage everything resurrects.

Water whatever its architecture, liquid, solid flat, gaseous, vaporous purified, mineral, running or stagnant, oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, rivers. it symbolizes for me the body (we are made of 90% water)

The land whatever its composition. Our planet, or the other terrestrial planets the land of our gardens, whether arid or volcanic, sandy or clay, limestone. she is the symbol for me of the transformation, because of a seed germinates a tree.

Why the four elements are Primordial:

These are the foundations of magic, they are like the four fundamental atoms without which life would not be. carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen.

They are a door (note that Daleth in Aramaic = 4 = door) used to draw the art of using the original forces and natural. They help us to move from one universe to another. From one state to another. (From the material state we pass to the immaterial state for example.) They allow to rhythm the time. Spring, Summer, Autumn Winter. The child, the teenager the man and the old man.

open the door

They are also a circle of transformation, they convert our essence into active magic. They allow us to use the four kingdoms with humility; Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human.

How to symbolize them:

By drawing them as in the picture below.

By the colors: white for the air, red for the fire, blue for the water, green for the earth.

But like many of us in our magical arts, we use incense for the air, a candle for fire, a glass filled with liquid for water, sand, salt or a potted plant. for the earth.

How to master them:

There are no miracle solutions to control air, fire, earth and water. First, we must study them in depth. Observe them during your rituals, the way they interact during your operations. In order to be able to interpret the signs (the colors of a candle flame can vary, the water can make small bubbles on the surface for example).

You have to practice again and again and exercise continuously. You will encounter failures but it is thanks to these that you will progress.

How to invoke them:

In a gentle and natural way, full of poetry and respect.When you make a circle of protection or containment invocation that is for white magic, green, red or black .

Is not there a fifth?

Indeed there is a fifth element that Aether, quintessence or Akasha (which is not really one because it is the fusion of the other four). It is mostly used in high-magic techniques. In geomancy for example. And it is very useful for astral travel and when one wants to talk to a deceased, or solicit his power.

Their celebration:

On the 8th of December, began by purifying your house. Then ask the fourth elements to participate in the party as you would for a magic circle.

The winters are a period of rest and retirement for the guardians of the kingdoms, this day is one of the days where one can take full advantage of their energies and their influences.

It is a good day to practice clairvoyance, especially with a mirror of water, or to prepare a potion or a filter. You can also make dolls. it’s a good day for the arts. Whatever happens, whatever you do do not forget to honor them each time with a prayer.

Give yourself time to write to each of them an ode, or a poem that you will use at dusk.

After sunset, gather them on your altar or even have the floor draw a circle with dedicated salt and read your prose by focusing on them. Meditate on what they are already bringing you and the seasonality of things. Make them an offering. (You can later use this circle for other purposes than their party including ask to see them, or ask to make premonitory dreams.)

Once finished, thank them and send them back to their realms with gentleness. Let burn incense and candle if you have used it. Discard the water in your garden or water one of your plants. For sand or salt and the earth keep theaside (separately) preciously in a cloth bag or closed lid jar as they will be dedicated and will serve you in other rituals.

et voila good party.


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