THE GENOMOS and their feast of December 12

The elementals of the earth one day dedicated is December 12. They are known by many names, each region of the world having for this subterranean people, guardian of the treasures, a different appellation. Often depending on where they live. The most common being Gnome including French and English.

Be careful not to confuse them with the Nisses or Tomtes who are Scandinavian elves and the dwarves with whom they share common points.

What are Gnomes:


The Gnomes are small, their average size is around 15 cm.But they are able for some to take the human size in some occasion. They live in community, more or less large they consider as kingdoms. They live beneath the surface of the earth and are reluctant to venture outside. However, they do it to fetch berries and wild honey they crave. Like human beings their communities are heterogeneous. They get married very young and not always for love. They saw it piercing and the absolute ear. Ladies Gnomes unlike their husbands, are of great elegance.They like to get ready.Their dresses compete with that of fairies. (An urban legend in the Parisian fashion world wants that Rose Bertin in his youth had met a gnome lady in Picardie who would have pushed him to start as a milliner.Rose_Bertin

hey paint beautifully and love to perfume themselves. They also manufacture their own perfumes which are very famous among the small people. The society of gnomes and very permissive. Everyone has the freedom to think, to do, or to be what he wants, as long as he works for the good of the community. They often frequent the other members of the good people with whom they have deep and lasting ties.

They live until around 500. It is difficult to determine their age because they happen that their hair whiten very young. The Genemos (Greek) or Gnomus in Latin are extremely learned. Especially with regard to precious stones and the history of the treasures they keep.

The Gnomes are good-natured, they like to feast and get together. They have an unparalleled sense of family. They protect each other, and work together. Despite their small size they have a Herculean strength (a bit like ants) and an extreme speed (at least in the prime of life). They flee for the vast majority of them, the company of men, because they know from experience that they are often greedy. Men are more interested in the treasures that they preserve and maintain, than they are animated by sympathy.

Despite a special affection for all that is precious, gnomes are keys to everything. They are great inventors especially when it comes to facilitating their work.

Where to find these little scholars:

Far from the sea because they do not have the marine foot. In the clearings either because even if they have great powers they are wary of birds of prey.In tunnels dug underground in mountainsides, mountains, in high places far from cities, in caves or ancient mines, in the rugged terrain of the forest. Let’s be clear it is obviously not easy to identify places where there is a community because they are often delighted. You can always try to locate them with a pendulum, then you will realize that they are very joker.

Genomos are used to practicing invisibility so as not to be disturbed, but they are very curious beings, if you arm yourself with patience, they could manifest themselves to you.

Why are they the Guardians of the North Tower:

The reason is simple. They come from the elemental earth that symbolizes the north in magical rituals. Just like us, but in greater numbers the chemistry of their bodies contains almost all the chemical elements found in the earth. they are therefore an energetic and therefore magical concentrate of these chemical elements.

On this subject when in practice magical circles, we invoke the guardians of the north tower we must not believe that gnomes appear to keep the circle. We appeal to their egregore, which goes back to the dawn of time whose telluric magical power is phenomenal.

In addition The gnomes are the guardians of treasures. But one could rightly assume that the most beautiful of treasures is the earth. The land that has allowed our existence and allows us to live.

How to contact Gnomes:

First of all,find a place likely to shelter their community. You can try the pendulum or the bowl-the-bowl-of-water clairvoyant / but their success and much less than a methodological research of legends that relate to places. the tales and legends of the regions where you find yourself are a significant source. Ask the oldest people in the area, about the counts when they was child. The latter are full of information.

There are several ways to contact them. As far as I’m concerned, i’ll only be showing two that I’ve already tested with success. Simple and effective if one is patient enough, all the time you have to know, that gnomes are temperamental and joker by nature. If they are wary of men it is even more true witches and wizards because they have often been forced by them. Be respectful, but firm.

The connection by telluric magic:

Once found the place supposed or recognized as sheltering this small people, it is necessary to go there, (do not hesitate to spend several days in chains). Plan to give them an offering in the form of precious stones (semi-precious stones or a silver or gold jewelery (that does not necessarily mean that the object is of immense value from the financial point of view, it is necessary that the stone or jewelry is of value to you, either sentimental or an object that you particularly like, or rare).

Start with an Ancrage so you can perceive the magic of the place where you are and be in perfect harmony with your environment. Take a walk, then without really thinking about anything, relax. Then come back to the place where you think there are Gnomes. Deconstruct yourself, you must be in touch with the earth. Lay the object on the floor in front of you, but close enough so that you can reach it with your arms outstretched.

Tell the story of the object several times in a natural way, making the story more and more appealing (but be true, do not lie), ending your story with “This stone (this jewelry), has no doubt more value than I would doubt. Only a Gnome could judge. ” the purpose of the operation is to pique the curiosity of the gnomes.

Wait patiently for a few hours, staring at the object.If nothing happens, you will have to start over, and start again. Do not leave the stone or the jewel in place if you decide to stroll again, they would have quickly examine it in your absence. It may take several days, but if you hang on and the place is home to a community they will show up. you will see them either in the flesh. present you. Do not overwhelm them with questions. Stay calm, respectful and firm in your comments. At the end of the dialogue made of your object a gift. If he refuses do not insist, bury him at the place where you put him before leaving, promising to come back once a year on the same date.If you perceive only agitation around your object. get it back and promise to return the next year to the same date.

Contact by the magic box:

Buy or make yourself a small wooden box. Decorate it with gilding (gold or silver leaf that you will easily find in any decor store). Put it in your heart. Put inside a gemstone or gold or silver jewelry that is of value to you.Meunit also a jar of wild honey and a piece of cloth Go to the place where you presume find Gnomes. Choose a place or bury the box (bury deep enough).

Made around the place where is buried the box a circle of stones. Leave the front door north. Put yourself in the middle and introduce yourself as a wizard or witch by saying your name. Then entrust your treasure to the Gnomes of the clear and delicate voice.

it’s by diane that I entrust the treasure of a life,

Far from men, he will be guarded by a valiant gnome,

it is by Cernunnos that he will be hiding greedy desires.

Bury your jar of wild honey a hundred yards north of your circle. Then leave. Come back the full moon that follows. Unpack the honeypot and check that it has not been consumed. If so, go close the circle. The guardian of your treasure will be there. Make an invocation aimed at him to see it. if he does not show himself leaving the circle close and come back on a rising moon day. Check the honey, Enter the circle make a summon targeting the gnome. If you still have no answers dig up your box and change locations. As far as I’m concerned, it happened to me by doing this method that the ring I put in my box was replaced by an agate. “We can not force a Gnome to appear, but he can give us a sign so that we can let him out of the circle.

December 12, the day of their holiday:

You can in their honor, eat wild honey and prepare mead.

During the day you can prepare power stones and an effigy in their honor that you can use when you make a magic circle. You can also prepare small bags of consecrated ground that are very useful for protecting you from evil spirits.

In the evening or midday, find yourself with family or friends around a good table. Feel free to have fun in their honor. Sing, joke, drink and laugh heartily.

Around midnight, if the moon is good make a circle and ask them to load your stones, the figurine, the sack of earth. You can also ask them to find some important things that you have lost. Make them an offering of honey, of mead. and thank them.

et voilà!good party !


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