Magic Helper


Friendship is the sympathy of two equal souls.Eastern proverb; The Apologists and Eastern Tales (1784)

who are magic helpers:

They are better known as familiar. They are our magic acolytes, our companions of magic, our traveling companions, our muses, our guides, our protectors. They have been here since the dawn of time, long before the birth of man. They often accompany sorcerers and witches throughout their lives, but this is not always the case because we do not forget that they are equal to being full.

They are supernatural entities (spirits, genies, daemon) that can take various forms or keep their own essence. We can meet them in humanoid form (this is less rare than one might think), obviously it concerns more the unattached , but also when they have missions to their wizards or witches. Most often, and for practical reasons,  he can take the physical envelope of an animal(domestic being the most common form)

They are as I said a little higher up since the nights of time. The various researches, readings and philosophical discussions that I have undertaken for a few decades about them make me advance the hypothesis that It is the horned god that he has breathed life into them. They were only thoughts of the mother goddess, and Cernnunos materialized them. The Thinking alone is a form of life


When not found someone to guide, to accompany the pets live immaterially or materially in the heart of forests. Because they find there protection and what to eat spiritually and physically.

When a Magic Companion appears:

There is no better time than another. It does not matter if you are new to magic or already confirmed. Whether you practice white, green, black or telluric magic or any magic, the familiar can appear in your life. We can inherit a familiar or, he can gived to us. he can come to us unexpectedly when , it is always when we need it most. he can also be solicited by a ritual or a simple meditative quest. Anyway it always has a link with the magic.

When does a magic acolyte connect with us:

It’s he and only he who decides it, he is our equal and acts according to his good will. Just like us he is made of antagonistic feelings.
He is independent and can leave at any time. Inheriting of familiar does not necessarily mean that it is related to us. This is also true when he presents himself to us. It’s up to us to create a special bond with he, a lasting affinity. He is by no a being subject to our desires or thinks. He has his own personality that must be respected.

own personality

It’s necessary to create a reciprocity, an intimacy, so that a lasting friendship is born. You have to share and listen, feed yourself with experiences, learn to know each other without forcing things. Time will work in your favor.

what is the use a familiar:

He accompanies us in our magical work, he is there to guide us. It also mediates between the physical world and the spiritual world. He may be a messenger of divinity, ancestor of another wizard or witch. It can be a way of carrying one’s mind to another place.He can show us the way when we are lost. He can serve as a spy and warn us of danger. He is also a guardian and a protection against harmful things. it can also help us get rid of too much magical energy. or be a bulwark against a bad spell or triple returns. He can be a wonderful confidant, a wise adviser, a friend at all times. The companion of a life.

Can a “magic helper” die?

Properly speaking no. But when we say that a familiar takes the physical shell of an animal, it must be understood that he chooses an animal and shares with him his body. It may seem cruel at first sight, but the sharing and well and truly real. There is no hard struggle to dominate him. He also accompanies this one until his last breath. Then the familiar, shares again a carnal envelope.

This implies that we could already have had to share our reincarnation with a pet and so it is very likely that the familiar who shares our life, we knew him already for a long time … I let you do your own idea on the subject.


by Magus Alba

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