The Ambivalence of gods and goddesses:

“If no one is injured do what you like” here is the creed that animates us in our daily practice of magic arts. This creed is an integral part of our devotion to the mother goddess and the horned god, as well as to all of our deity pantheon.But gods and goddesses are made of duality and the resulting magic is ambivalent. We have to admit it, to have perfect harmony with them and with our magic.


We tend to forget it but the deities are ambivalent, They have good sides but they also have dark sides. They can be good and bad. They are capable of love and hate. They create and destroy. They bless and condemn. They chastise and save. They allow and forbid. They are capable of great cruelty but also of pity. Their moods change as we change seasons. They are therefore benevolent but also malicious. just like the moon, they have a face that is not lit.

It’s thanks to this ambivalence of gods and goddesses that we feel close to them. Like them, we are also made of constant dualities. It’s in our human nature. And yet we had trouble admitting that good is not without evil and vice versa. We knowingly omit the darkest aspects of deities as our own darkness. And we judge without appeal those who focus only on their dark sides. There are some, of course, who deserve it but they are not that much.

We honor, solicit and pray gods and goddesses who have an ambivalent nature and reject and overwhelm those who revere their dark side, yet they solicit and pray in the vast majority the same deities.

The ambivalence of magic:

the magic is ambivalent, as are the deities ,we are witches and wizards and humans. She take charge of our good or bad intentions. she act for or against our interests. she grows us and destroys us, it delivers or imprisons. She is ambiguous. Because we are and divinities too.We pride ourselves on respecting the creed “if no one is wrong do what you like”. But, using magic, there is necessarily, even if we have the best intentions in the world, somewhere a person, or some things we hurt. There is no smoke without fire, there are no causes without consequence.

Whatever kind of magic we practice white, green, primordial, telluric or black, red, voodoo, she will always have an ambivalent nature. It can be good and have a bad repercussion or be felt like it and conversely be bad and bring out some good things, or have a productive repercussion.

Seek harmony:

Acknowledge and accept the principle of ambivalence, ambiguity, to be in harmony with yourself, with the goddess and the horned god, with your magic and with others. Do not be afraid of your dark side, instead learn to master or exploit it. and conversely recognize in you what is best. Admit that everything is nested and that each character trait of your personality makes you an ambiguous and unique being.Stay open, try not to make any value judgment without knowing the holds and the endings on this or that practice or practitioner. Constantly ask yourself about your actions and your motivations.

The harmony that you draw from it will allow you to be more efficient in your rites, your prayers, your magic formulas. You will be stronger, more powerful, and above all wiser.

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