Bewitched ribbons

Useful and practical bewitched ribbons are a basic magic.Basic, but very effective.

Bewitched Ribbons

Which fabrics used for magic ribbons:

There is no real rule on which textile to use. It is necessary that the fiber is of natural origin and that the shade of the band of tissue is vegetable for a better efficiency. You can buy a long strip of fabric and color it yourself. Or serve as a piece of cloth that you already have. The important thing is that the strips of fabrics that you use will be clean but also dedicated by the moon or salt.


The specificities of the colors:

The effectiveness of the ribbons depends on the words, formulas or prayers that you have written but also the color of the fabric. Here is a list, incomplete but useful to start.

  • Red: Strength, Fertility, Carnal Pleasures, Passion ..;
  • Orange: Supports, Kindness, Abundance ..;
  • Yellow: Confidence, Joy, Balance ..;
  • Green: Health, Prosperity, Awakening, Growth ..;
  • Blue: Serenity, Sincerity, Patience, Dedication ..;Purple: Power, Body Protection, Sentimentality ..;
  • Black: Strength, Wisdom, Sucked, Intuition, Protection of the Spirit ..;
  • White: Peace, Protection of the Soul, Meditation, Accompaniment ..;
  • Gray: Cancellation, Neutralization, Désenvoutement ..;
  • Rose: Unity, Honor, Romance, Happiness, Truth ..;
  • Brown: Fireplace, Talent Donations ..;
  • Silver: Inspiration, Creativity, Inspiration, Reinforcement ..;
  • Gold: Energy, Life, Birth, Intelligence, Wealth ..;

On which occasion to use the bewitched ribbons:

Ribbons can be used for many situations. They are easy to use and easy to perform. They do not require big investment. they do not require much preparation. In addition to making charms they allow you to express your artistic sensibility. We do not remember often enough, but art in all its forms, is a powerful magic. They have been used for millennia, not only by witches and wizards for magical purposes but also in many religions and of course in fashion.There are no specific opportunities that condition their use. It’s up to you to determine when you want to use them. Nevertheless, I gave you a short list of cases where we use them frequently.


Child protection:

This is one of the root causes of their uses. It can be used at any age. For a baby or toddler: You can make a loop of fabric around one of the child’s feet. Loose enough not to hinder blood flow and development of the blood but not too much to stay in place. A protective formula is embroidered or inscribed with a fabric felt. The best known being “Oh gracious goddess, protect and guide (name of the child)”. Sometimes a talisman or Naudhr rune is drawn to reinforce its magical power. You can also hang it on the cradle, the bassinet on the pram. He even happened to see it on the doorknob of a baby’s room.

For young children who are starting to walk or walk around on all fours, you can sew them directly on the clothes inside if you do not think you have integrated them harmoniously on the outside.

rune list

Adolescence is a time of chaos for a good number of young people and it is therefore an age conducive to all sorts of ills and misfortunes. They live and evolve in a ruthless world. So you have to be more pragmatic. Give them a bracelet (leather for example) fun and trendy and add to the back the signature of the rune algiz. This is one of the most powerful runes.

the protection of a house:

With regard to your house, or your apartment you can hang them (in small pennants for example) on the top of your doors, on the railings of a balcony, in a tree of your garden or the grids of a window. you can write a protection formula like this “by Cernunnos the powerful I go away and hunt all evil”. some add a magic square of the Sator type.



the protection of a person:

Just like children, you can wear or wear a ribbon to provide protection. To help you heal faster, if you have a moment of depression, if you think you are a victim of bad can write on it “Air, earth, fire, water, by the four bless me” you can add a pentagram or a rune like keraz for the disease, or even thurisaz.

End of life accompaniment:

Life is cyclical, and the end of life is a period, even if we know it a very difficult time to manage. We must not fight against this cycle, we will not remove absolutely anything beneficial. But all can accompany the end of life to ensure a good trip to people and allow them if it has not finished their cycle to be born again. you can tie a ribbon to your wrist and write “for example, that the gracious goddess welcomes you, and the horned god leads you to the point of rebirth”. draw a tree of life, or a wheel.

You can also add the runthe wishes and prayers:

This is the most used method in wiccans. Just write the prayer or the vow and hang it on a branch. the air element and the tree will carry your wishes and prayers for you. The only thing that is needed is to be inspired. The deities love rhymes and beautiful prose.


Just like greetings and prayers, you can make ribbons to honor the deities at dedicated parties. You can hang them on a tree or on your altar.At weddings (handfasting), the ceremony of 13 ribbons is common. I will write an article soon on this subject.

By Magus Alba

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