Altruism is magic


“It’s good for nothing to be good only to oneself. “Voltaire.

Definition of altruism:

Altruism is to devote oneself to others without expecting any return. It is an almost in love feeling for others. It is a significant source of happiness and magic. It nourishes our egregore and makes our rituals more effective. It is a natural magic rampart to adversity. He is a source of deep inspiration and a testament to our belonging and our attachment to wicca.

It testifies to the special connection we have with the earth, our foster mother and the universe as a whole. It is proof that we respect all forms of life on our planet and should involve us more, I think, in safeguarding it.

The relationship between altruism and magic:

There is an infinity of relationship between our dedication and magic. By thinking about it we could even write a complete encyclopedia on the subject. My article will have to be completed by your own reflections and analyzes on this topic.

The links with our environment:

earth protection

Our magical arts depend directly on nature. Without it, there is no power. We regularly call upon our daily practices the magical resources of nature. When we practice an inking, or when we develop a ritual.

We solicit the deities of our pantheon with the support of the four elements in our circles and rely on the magical power of plants to create potions, potions, and spells. If we can only show empathy or not see at all for the flora and fauna we serve cheerfully, our magic is unlikely to be effective. We would not be in harmony with what allows us to feed our essence. The strength and power of our magic would be nothingness.

If, on the contrary, we work for the preservation of nature and devote ourselves to it, it will give us a hundredfold. She will allow us to use all the potential of her strength, She will guide us and teach us her secrets with kindness. It will provide us with shelter and comfort when we need it.

Correlation with others:


Magic is interdependent on our relationship to each other. Our actions, our thoughts nourish our egregore. The more we manifest self-denial, heart, generosity of love and kindness towards our fellow beings, the more our egregore becomes powerful. The bigger the one grows, the more our magical talents increase.

By doing good around you, we strengthen our spirit. We build an unshakable wall against adversity. The happiness, the joy that it gives us transcends our magic. The well being it brings us, allows us to better control our power, and to effectively influence our spells.

Nourished with virtue, we will no longer fear darkness, beings, entities or evil spirits. We will build an inter-dimensional carapace strong enough so that the majority of the Hexes, of which we could be the target, do not reach us.

Altruism is magic:

This is the great debate of the twentieth century. Must believe Altruism and selfishness are opposites or when altruism is motivated by a form of selfishness. Some psychoanalysts like Daniel Baston argue that pure altruism exists (when it is an act without prior reflection) while others will support the hypothesis of Cialdini who defend the idea that altruism can not be motivated at the base only by selfishness. (It is a thoughtful act, or an impulse that tries to provide us with a good being).

For my part, I think the two advanced hypotheses are both true. They happen to do selfless things without thinking about what it would bring us as a benefit. And others, on the contrary, which are carefully thought out and whose gains have been evaluated. Whether it is one or the other, altruism is to be interested and to be devoted, it is self-sacrifice, kindness, love, benevolence, kindness, it is charity, self-giving, generosity, humanity; it is to be in non judgment, to practice philanthropy. doing all these things is just magic, in and of itself.

by Magus Alba

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