Sol Invictus – Feast of Hecate and Dagda

This holiday Wicca (which takes place on December 25 under the northern sky and June 25 under the southern sky), brings together three deities. Its primary purpose is to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, since on December 26 in the northern hemisphere or on June 26 in the southern hemisphere, the day wins over the night. She also advocates the eclecticism of Wicca and devotes the old saying “unity is strength.” Even if our beliefs are multiple, and our rites diverge, we are part of the unique whole that is the universe. This holiday reminds us that family ties, bonds that build a couple or fortify a friendship are essential for the light always wins over the darkness, the darkness of our modern world.

The three deities to celebrate:

Sol invictus:

The “sun” is the most universal deity of all. He presides over our life cycle. Since man walks on earth, the sun is revered. Like the earth he was the first tutelary of humanity. Feminine for certain peoples (the siblings or the Japanese, among others) or masculine for others. (Egyptians, Aztecs, Greeks, and Romans …). He is glorified under many names, Cernunnos, Sol, Re, Apollo, Amaterasu, Dag … He is a divinity with unequaled powers whose benefits are felt day after day. Even the most septic atheists recognize his property made throughout of the year.

The Latin adjective “Invictus” means Unbeaten. He tells us that since the dawn of time the sun and the light that emanates from him has always conquered the darkness. From the precise moment of its feast the sunshine will begin to grow, allowing the earth, the men, the nature, the flora and the fauna to prepare themselves to come out of the long and rigorous nights of the winters. To learn more about the first invictus ground feasts you can visit the wikipedia page on this subject.


It is one of the Goddesses, the most emblematic of wicca and the most revered by witches and wizards. Captivating as it embodies our own reality. What makes us beings of flesh with the spirit in perpetual search for evolution. Like the sun, Hecate is a power and an abyssal wisdom. She is the perfect embodiment of our dualities. Protecting Goddess, with infinite powers, she is sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce but always with sagacity. She is the one who watches over the darkness and all the creatures that lurk in the shadows. It is the one that guarantees the life cycle. She is the goddess of the gateway between the worlds, present when we enter this life as well as when we leave it. Goddess of beginnings and ends, she brings light where there is none. It is through Hecate that we obtain our most advanced knowledge in herbalism, creation of potions and magic potions. It is through its name that formulas, spells or charms are the most powerful.


Dagda was not born a god, but he became one. after his death on a battlefield between Tuatha Dé Danann; to the Omniscient and omnipotent Fir Bolg, he is an all-powerful warrior god. It is a Druid deity who, like Hecate, provides plant knowledge and dosage of remedies or potions. He has the right to life and death over everything. He is the master of time and can allow us to travel through this one. If he deems us worthy, of course. It is a fertility god with an exacerbated libido. He brings ardor, temerity, and frenzy in all that touches the pleasures of life. He is known for several talismans, including the cauldron of abundance (symbol of prosperity), the club that kills and resurrects (symbol of his power) and the wheel (cosmic symbol) without forgetting his harp which is able to play all the music of the world, the sound which escapes it kills, makes crying, sleeps or causes joy.

Why three deities?

Because all three have the power of regeneration, they act all on the wheel of life.We honor them so that the blood that flows in our veins and the magic that we drain are renewed. So that sleeping nature wakes up with panache and brio. Their immeasurable powers allow the light, the life, to spring up again and the darkness, the death, bows for a good moment.

But December 25 is not Christmas?

This is called Christian syncretism: “The date of 25 December has been set as the great feast of the undefeated sun (Sol Invictus) by the Roman emperorAurelian1 who thus chooses as date the day after the end of the Saturnalia but which also corresponds to the day of birth of the solar deity Mithra. Aurélien wishes indeed to unify religiously the empire, by choosing this date he satisfies the followers of Sol Invictus and the cult of Mithra while placing the party in the continuity of the traditional Roman festivities. “wikipedia To impose their religious concept and to convert the many pagans who celebrated “sol invictus”, the first Christians thus Christianized this celebration. Finally, they could not erase everything because today still Noel offers us pretty pagan symbols. As for example the three wise men who are in my humble opinion the significant representation of our three Deities. I let you meditate on the subject.

What to do to celebrate the victory of the day on the night?

In Europe, or in Latin America, in Australia or Russia We are for the most part that day, surrounded by our family who does not really share our faith Wiccan, It is very difficult to celebrate this celebration Wicca in an obvious way, nor even would only be in addressing the subject. But nothing prevents us from making an internalized prayer to each deity, lighting a candle to honor them, or projecting a circle around the table, and feasting you by way of glorification. When returning home, consider making an offering on your altar. Happy birthday to you.

think of

by Magus Alba

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