Feast of Artemis – Night of the Fairy People

New Year’s Eve (December 31) is also for the Wiccans the feast of the divine Artemis and the night of the Fairy People.

fairy of nature, in winter dressed in white watching over a rose
fée veillant sur une rose

The Venerable Artemis:

Born of Zeus the supreme king of the gods of the Greek pantheon and Leto the goddess of motherhood, Artemis draws her strength and beauty from the wild world of which she is the protective goddess. His spirit lies in the wooded mountains and valleys, in all untamed places. The invocation of his name is very useful when one wishes to tame an animal, or when at the turn of a walk one falls nose to nose with a fierce animal. She is also the goddess of the foster hunt, and only. It punishes severely, those who poach or kill for the pleasure of having trophies. She attends, the women who have decided to give birth at home, helping them to bear the pains, and giving them strength. You can hang a bewitched ribbon on your wrist. She looks after young children with comfort and liveliness. It ensures everything goes through initiatory, it guarantees the good learning and the success of the tests. For this you can prepare a potion. With a banana, a liter of milk and a pinch of cinnamon. Incorporate one by one the ingredients in a blender by reciting the following formula “banana for the mind, milk to memorize, cinnamon to germinate ideas, O Artemis that I am guided”, mix everything and drank the potion a few hours before passing a test.

statue of artemis, a breast starred, in the sand

She is also the goddess of solitaries who have made the choice to live fully their celibacy. She shoulders and facilitates meetings. She is also the one who heals heartaches, and punishes betrayals. It inspires the desires for independence. It gives moral strength to all those who wish chastity and removes temptations. you just have to name it. We can also ask the dark sides Artemis, She hates the proud, the chaste who have not honored their vows, rapists, betrayals.On can ask him revenge, but the counterpart (because he always has) is to size and will require a great personal sacrifice. She is directly related to the fairy people, especially because she lives most of the time in the countries of the Hyperboreans or are born fairies.History also wants her father offered her as a gift a myriad of them for the help in his tasks.

The night of the fairy people:

fairy drawn in a wood no higher than a mushroom

The fairy people are in our image, multicultural. There is not a single country in the world that has a count, legend, or myth to their subjects as their power is wonderful and powerful. There is not a single place where the fairies have settled. Mountains, valleys, glades and forests, lakes, rivers, springs and sometimes fountains, we find them even in the heart of our houses. But the vast majority live hidden away from our tormented world. This night the fairies roam the wilderness to distribute blessings and enchantments. They give the worlds their magic so that it does not go out. It is fairies that comes from the regenerative force of the earth, without them the flora, the fauna would have almost disappeared. The task is immense, so much we have done wrong. They operate until exhaustion, then they gather together to recharge their powers at a banquet where music, dance and poetry are honored. They sing and content their stories. It is also an opportunity for their dignitaries to submit their function to the approval of all. That night the men prisoners of their enchantment can plead their causes, pay their debts to be delivered

What to do to honor Artemis and the fairy people that night:

As for the floor invictus, you will probably be busy celebrating the New Year with family or friends and very likely share your beliefs. Or are not aware of your beliefs. It can therefore be a Chinese puzzle. Fortunately, the traditional mistletoe that we offer or hang in the houses is there to help us. The plant of the Druids, is a perfect way to honor the deities.

three couples kissing under the mistletoe. Two women, two men, one man, one woman
couple kissing

Make a gift to your entourage to bring them happiness by thinking it would be a perfect tribute to Artemis. Do not forget that you can also put the goddess on your altar and make offerings to her. You can also mentally plan a circle around the dinner table and decide that the meal is done in honor of the goddess or fairies. You can also submit the idea of ​​a new tradition. Almost everyone loves fairy tales, especially children and those who keep their children’s souls. We have customs to make vows for the new year, why not address them to the fairies by writing them on a piece of paper and burning them in a fire, a stove, a campfire or the flame of a candle, just after the wishes of good years.

Here are some tracks of reflections.I wish you a prosperous year full of charms and raptures.

By Magus Alba.

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