Le jour du sorbier -Wicca

contes et légende autour du sorbier.
Pratique de la célébration de cette fête wiccan dont le jour est le 21 janvier.

modern spells of candles

ou go out to have fun, you want to connect or want to finish in bed with someone written on a piece of paper “Eros, Pan, Dyonisos I invoke your divine names.one to seduce, one to desire, one for pleasure. By your names to conclude I’m sure.”read aloud before the flame. get ready and before you leave, burn the paper and extinguish the candle.

Sorcellerie Moderne des bougies

C’est un vieux sortilèges qui se transmet de génération en génération dans la famille. Purifiez votre escaliers a l’aide de votre balais ou aspirateur magique)

king Alfodr

Odin , Alfrod,Wotan is the god of magic, poetry, seduction, strategy and cunning, knowledge and runes. He is omniscient and omnipotent. On the day of his feast, it is customary to drink mead, to be told poems. Let the runes be fired in his honor.

Bewitched Philtres

The art of creating power Philtres is one of the most poetic magic disciplines. Each element that composes a philter … More