Feast of Isis. Baptism of Osiris. Party of Perchta

Feast of Isis. Baptism of Osiris. Party of Perchta

It is January 6 (or July 7 for the hemisphere) south that we celebrate the Goddess Isis and the baptism of Osiris her husband. It is also the festival of Perchta. As always, Wicca is plural, multicultural, and polytheistic. She gathers with respect the various pagan traditions and cults. These three divinities have in common the transformation of nature, and of the self as spring approaches. By honoring them, we support them in this ongoing struggle during this time of bad things. We continue the celebration of the day’s victory on the night that started on the ground Invictus concretely and spiritually through them and thanks to them we fight for our own light to win on our dark sides. One can easily honor the three or celebrate only one deity. It all depends on your attachment or your beliefs.

Isis the secret of nature:


Born of Geb the god of the earth and Nout the goddess of heaven. she is the goddess of Nature and her secrets. She is the guardian of sacred scriptures, rites of passage. It protects, nourishes and teaches magical arts. She gives life and accompanies death. She is the present, the future and the past. She embodies cunning and patience. The word nature comes from the Latin word “natura” which means what has existed since the beginning. It has many meanings and several meanings. it corresponds to what is and constitutes matter (air, earth, fire, water) the four primordial. But also what surrounds us (flora, fauna, minerals,) landscapes, principles (tectonics, biological, physical) ecosystems, biodiversity. But it is also what characterizes our personality (our morphology, our consciousness, our relationship to others and to the environment in which we evolve.) Isis is the universe and the four forces that govern this one.  the gravitational force that reigns over the infinitely large – the electromagnetic force that imposes its law on light The weak interaction force and the strong interaction force which ensures the cohesion of the atomic nuclei Isis embodies and interacts with its aspects and holds the secrets. It is she who must be solicited when we want to discover, learn or master these phenomena that escape us. She reveals the incomprehensible, the inexplicable, the mystic. She is the guardian of the sacred scriptures: Papyrus sacred text it is under his auspices that knowledge and knowledge have been dispensed through humanity. (The cultivation of wheat and barley, as well as the laws …) One can ask him to decipher a spellbook with hermetic formulas or the understanding of the hidden meaning of a text. To do this, it is enough to make an incantation in a magic circle by positioning the text (or the formula) on a Pentagram at the entrance of this one is to recite the following formula in the form of a litany and to repeat it at least 7 times .

"O Aset ten li hamafteah (r) sefer! Ten li yedi'ah nistar" (oh! Isis give me the key of the book! Give me the hidden knowledge)

She teaches magic, and delivers powerful formulas. Egyptian magic is one of the oldest art. It’s a powerful magic that offers a surprising perspective but requires intellectual investment, (requires exhaustive research) and rigor. There are many books on the subject and sometimes there are nuggets in libraries to consult on the spot. One can also find on the internet stele images where magical texts are written like this one State. She is what is! what will be! what has been: Which means that not only can she offer us the ability of clairvoyance through oracles (cards) or the gift of vision (https://wizardtoday.com/2018/12/04/le-bol-deau-clairvoyant/ ) but also allow us to go back in time very often during dreams more real than nature. It is more often in this form that it expresses itself to us. It also happens that it makes us sign in the form of a raptor (the Milan). It is a goddess of the fertility that one can implore to give birth, to have a good harvest or a wonderful garden. She is also very helpful in sexual magic. It gives new life and vitality, love and passion for both sexes. Finally, we must not forget that she is also a divinity who opens the gates of the hereafter and is able to bring the dead back to life, as she did for her brother and husbands Osiris. It gives us the power to speak to our dead, to make them appear, to control the ghosts. Some treatises on necromancy use his magic to animate lifeless bodies. What I call back is not without risk.



Osiris is also the son of Geb and Nut. He is the god of productivity, order and justice. But before any sovereign of the kingdom of the dead after being killed by Seth (his brother) is resurrected by his sisters (Isis and nepthys) with the help of Anubis. He is the god of the perpetual cycle of life and death. It tests the souls of the deceased according to their actions, judging if their cycle has come to an end. He is also the one who commands the lower spirits, elementals, demons (forget the Christian meaning of the term) whether they are good or bad.

Productivity, Order and Justice:


Osiris is a god of plenty. It allows to have a good performance in the professional activities and provides enough to support himself. You can, for example, enchant barley seeds in his name to ensure his blessings. He is a god of balance, he helps to stabilize our psychic state and our emotional balance. Just ask him during a ritual with a black candle and a white candle that will serve to gauge your balance. To be placed two small candles glued to each other on a plate and turn them on. Say the following magic formula:

“Osiris me’iq ani! Be hamichkal chel khayim (kh = r) “(Oh Osiris weigh me in the balance of life).

Let the candles burn until halfway and turn them off. If in the plate the black wax wins on the white wax you will have to do good actions around you during some time is renewed the ritual. In the contrary opposite continue to be as you are. to know more : Sovereign of the afterlife,Osiris having been resurrected, preferred to settle in the world of the dead to be its judge and guardian king. He is the one who evaluates our soul and decides whether our life cycle should last or not. Depending on our actions. It is possible thanks to him, if we finish our cycle to come back anyway in another form a given time has passed the doors of the ethereal world to that of the living using the formula of the book of the dead:

when arriving at the portal it is necessary tell the demon who keeps it “Let me go, I know you and I know your name, I know the name of the god who keeps you. You are called “Sovereign of fear, with the high walls, the superior, sovereign of hebheb, the prophetess who repels the storm, who saves from the spoliation the one who comes from far” and your porter is called “the Redoutable”. Arriving at the second gate, we must say: Let me go, I know you and I know your name, I know the name of the god who keeps you. You are called “Sovereign of the sky, mistress of the double country, the swallower, sovereign of the men, controller of all” and your porter is called “the Rejection of Ptah”. and so on for each of the twenty-one gates of Osiris’ home “


He commands the spirits. King Osiris orders, gives them spots and submits them. Osiris makes it possible to get rid of entities, of spirit which would annoy us. Purify the place with sage incense and sweep with your magic broom, then place a white candle in the fourth cardinal corners, placing Osiris in the middle and as for the circle light up from the east to the north, reciting this formula drawn from a papyrus in the Turin museum.

By Osiris your king, the one who reigns and commands you “disappears the fatal operator, the deadly operative disappeared, whoever you are, that the adversary of heaven divides the sky! May the adversary of the earth overthrow the earth and be all powerful in it! May Apap be in the bari for millions of years! Let no water be given to him who is in the ark ”

Baptism of Osiris:

purified in water

ker sesheta, he who watches over the mystery said after bathing in the waters following his victory over Seth: “I washed in the lake called” Peace be made “- I bathed in the spring that is under the sycamore (Tree of Life). See, I am undefiled. I triumphed over my enemies who had risen up against Justice. ” (Naked Papyrus, chapter XCVI and XCVII.) the baptism of Osiris symbolizes rebirth. We are dying consumed by our constant duality and we must purify ourselves by water to continue to live in good understanding with ourselves, others, those around us. It allows a cleansing of the body and the spirit, to bring together the two to be one and thus to remind us that we are part of the universe and the time loop. It allows us to have death not as an end in itself but as an extension of life .



Bertchta, Perchta, Perht, Brit, Holda is a brilliant Germanic goddess who is often wrongly considered a fairy. She is a Goddess who allowed the domestication of animals. She is also the one who watch over wizards and witches. Keeper of the winters, it allows this season to reign supreme so that spring men, plants and sleeping animals wake up with the greatest fervor. It haunts the frozen lakes and fountains and allows bathing in it to revive itself carnally. They watch over the spirits of unborn children and those who are dead. She is also for many who during the period between Invictus and February 6th, punishes lazy children, and comes to pick up stolen children to take with her. On the other hand, it gratifies working children and their loving family.

Celebration of February 6 (July 7 southern hemisphere):

Everyone has the freedom to celebrate one or two, or the three deities according to your desires, your tastes, your own journey. According to your own rituals. You can do it in a traditional way on your altar by giving them an offering and by sending them a prayer that I leave you to compose yourself.

Or you can adopt or be inspired by my practices: Start with Osiris by taking a bath or a purifying shower from which you get a little water in a glass and throw yourself behind you at sunset, saying “Oh! Osiris I offer you this water in memory of your baptism, may this water help Aqen to drive my boat “

Then continue with Isis when the night has fallen, sit comfortably. Light a candle to your left and to your right, and say “Oh! Isis Goddess of the eternal light, I offer you on my left enough to support your tears and on my right to comfort your heart, so that the Douat is perpetual “

And finally to finish let a coin, a cake or a piece of rye bread stand in front of your door or windowsill saying “For you Perchta lady of the winters, protector of wizards and witches, I offer this modest present so that you can as a good mother feed the poor souls who accompany you “. Here we are, happy birthday to you all.

By Magus Alba.

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