Bewitched Philtres

mortar and pestle on a magic recipe book

The art of creating power Philtres is one of the most poetic magic disciplines. Each element that composes a philter has its own virtue that mixed with others sound like an Alexandrian. Powerful and captivating, he enchants, enchants, the palate, the body, and the spirit.

The difference between Philtres and Potions:

The Philtres influence the emotions, the feelings, the general inclinations of the human being while the potions act on the material and immaterial. And then we never say it but the potions have an average life while some philtres can to be preserved more than a century.

The basics for making a philter:

Philtromancy, is a term that I use but does not exist in French, is the creation of a magic philter.

1) The accessories:

There is no need to spend money to get started. Standard kitchen tools are enough or recovery is more than ecological. But you can also create the tools yourself or buy them (online but it’s still better to work the local shopkeepers, in a shop or flea market). The important thing is that they be clean and purify (la-sacralisation /). To work well, you need a mortar (a wooden container, earthenware, ceramic or glass, a flat stone) and a pestle (the back of a wooden spoon is enough, a round stone). Your cauldron (or saucepan) and vials (glass bottles, test tubes, glass jars such as jam jars, for example, or terracotta) that seal a scale or measuring cup. (the teaspoons also work but you will have to make calculations) to help you there you can consult

2) The choice:

book on plant with burning candle

the philtres concern all the magic. So before you start, you need to determine what purpose you want to prepare your beverage for? Who are you for? Where do you go to get the ingredients? What are you or the recipient allergic to? When and how will it be taken? Are you going to use a formula that you have in a book, a manuscript, a blog? or will you create it from scratch using your imagination and your knowledge of herbalism? I would not advise you to write down all your data on a piece of paper because it often happens that we lose the thread during our research.

3) The time:

old clock
rushing to nothing

“Patience is successful, rushing to nothing. The proverbs and sayings of Turkey (1956) ” You have to have time in front of you and be patient. Philtromancy involves carrying out preliminary research in books, books, encyclopedia of plants, or on the net recipes, ingredients, data sheets. It is also necessary to check the dangerousness of certain products (at certain doses a priori harmless plants such as thyme for example can cause serious complications, the combination of two plants can be just as dangerous), and have on hand to the nearest poison center numbers. it is necessary to quantify, measure, convert, and sometimes translate. And finally copy in his book of shadows, to have the formulations on hand when needed, but also to transmit your knowledge.

4) Test phase:


Check it is a step that we forget too often, especially if we use an already detailed composition. And yet it is a crucial phase. Every human being (animals too) is similar in appearance but in reality we are all unique. We are more or less resistant to certain magic as we sum it to hypnosis or to certain drugs. You will have to test your philtre several times. On yourself, after all, we have never served better than by ourselves. At least everything depends on the philter, if it is a philter that aims to arouse a love lover over someone you like, there would be no sense to test it on yourself. You can ask someone whose prior consent you have to become your guinea pig. Easy to say but not easy to do, especially if you have opted for the discretion of your practices. You do not have to say that this is a philtre, but an essay on grandmother’s remedy or that you have recently started studying herbal care. You can ask your pet if you had one to test the product. In view of the link that unites you, it is likely that it accepts with good grace. you can also, if it is not on personal purpose directly approach the subject with the person that it concerns. especially if it is the latter who asked you to get the philtre. There is no shame in saying that you are unsure of the success of your filter or the right dosage. In all cases, take the test on at least eight weeks. The dosage is according to the mode of administration. The first week in pure product, so more concentrated, a teaspoon should be enough to start. If you think the diluted in water, wine, sauce, or dressing for example used a tablespoon. the next week increase by two the dose you see no effect. Then do a pose of 15 days. If you do not see any improvement, the next week tripled the dose. Wait another 15 days, then multiply by 4 for the last week.

Why do you have to wait 15 days? This is what we call a therapeutic window -magic, as for the natural medicalization, we must allow time for the body and also in the specific case of a philter has the inclination of the mind to assimilate the beverage. Remember to note in your book shadows the progress or not the desired effect. Do not hesitate to stop the catch in case of quick success. It may happen that your philter does not work or not the way you hope. Tell yourself that failure is not an end in itself, it makes us grow. That magic requires effort and work.Be ready to start again, change formula or dosage. You will eventually succeed .

5) Accompany the magic of your philters:

Make an incantation while preparing or praying according to what you want to get. Be creative and inventive, be poetic! Create in a good atmosphere! You must also give of his person if you want to awaken the magic of your philtres. We must accompany him. If you make a love potion to awaken the passion of your couple and you do nothing but wait. Without it being receptive you will be disappointed. The magic will be latent instead of being active. A fire that is not fed, is dying.

Some recipes to try:

two hands stretched with bright light between the two
try the magic power

Philtre against melancholy:

Antidepressant, against moroseness. Makes joy and joy.

Ingredients: 1l of spring water, lettuce, 25 gr of verbena, 5 ml of lemon balm, 10 ml of acacia honey. Preparation: chop 150 gr of lettuce Boil 10 minutes in 0.5 liter of water. Filter and store the juice. Heat the remaining 0.5 liters on low heat for 25 minutes, adding honey and lemon balm. Stir in the lettuce mixture. Continue cooking on low heat for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat, filter the mixture again and let it rest until it is cold before putting it in a tightly closed container. (to be taken as is or as a drink, or to mix with a sauce) Preservation: In the refrigerator 6 months. In the freezer several years if you make cubes of ice cubes. In a cupboard away from light as long as you do not open the pot. Opening dice 10 days weeks.

Philtre of divination:

Allows clairvoyance, increases your sensory acuity.

Ingredients: 500 ml of olive oil. 40 g of Star Badiane.40 g of black tea, 5 ml of liquid lavender flower, 5 ml of rose water Preparation: Crush tea and star anise, pour in a saucepan or cauldron olive oil mix with a wooden spoon, add 5 ml of lavender and rose water. Bottle your preparation and close it tightly. Leave 48 hours in the sun before use (take it as it is) Conservation: In a bright place. 5 years Do not put it in a fridge or freezer.

Philtre to regenerate:

Fights weariness, fatigue and increases your physical strength, psychic and magic.

Ingredients: 500 ml hazelnut oil, 15 gr of ginger, 15 gr of cinnamon, 15 ml of orange zest, 15 ml lemon zest. Preparation: Mix ginger, cinnamon and zest together. Cover it with your hazelnut oil. Let stand 2 hours before bottling or flasks your preparation. (to be taken as is). Conservation: Keeps 3 years in the shelter of the light. Do not put it in a fridge or freezer.

Revelation Philtre:

Lets reveal a lie, betrayal, tell the truth. After the absorption of the philtre asked the question that worries you. You will know for sure if the interviewee tells you the truth truth.

Ingredients: 25 gr of basil, 25 gr of parsley, 50 cl of balsamic vinegar, 1 clove of garlic, two shallots, 50 g of myrtle leaves. Preparation: Chop basil and parsley together. Then add the 50 g of myrtle leaves. Shred everything. Peel the garlic and shallots that you cut into a coarse piece. Stir in the bottle of vinegar and close it. Let rest a week preparation. Then filter and put in a bottle or vials. (put in a sauce to accompany meat or a vinaigrette) Conservation: Keeps 7 years in the shelter of the light. Do not put it in a fridge or freezer.

Love philter :

Allows you to take the first step, Allows to promote a love inclination in your favor.

Ingredients: 6 vanilla pods, 15 cl of rose honey, 5 g of ginger, 2 two your tears, 75 cl of tequila. Preparation: Incorporate all the ingredients into the tequila bottle. Wait 1 week before using it filter before offering as an aperitif, cocktail or to flambé a dish). Preservation: Storage until the bottle is empty by Magus Alba

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