king Alfodr

ehwaz rune shaped m
ehwaz Odin’s rune

Alfodr, Wotan,Har,Harbad, Odin are one of his 120 names. According to the wicca tradition, us honors him the 17 of January in the north and the 18 of July in the south. He is the one by whom the Vikings have conquered by the terror of many lands in the world. In particular in England and France.
however he is not the bloodthirsty god that one might believe.

The king of north:

Scandinavian landscape under aurora borealis
nothern light

Sorry for the fans, this is not the beautiful and dark jhon snow we are going to talk about. Even if in the series, one is inspired by many pagan cults.Odin, is the most important deity of the Nordic gods. He is the one whose name makes men tremble. Born of the god Bor and bestla the giant. if one believes it to be a Scandinavian tradition, he created the first man and the first woman during a walk on the edge of the ocean with an elm and an ash that he found beautiful.He called it Ask and Embla.

Before the appearance of Odin giants already populated the earth. The first was Ysmir. His offspring and he was almost all cruel and bloodthirsty. Odin, who had two brothers, decided to leave. A war broke out between the two nations.
Ysmir was shot down, and the gods used his body to create the first-age land of dwarves, elves, semi-men, and others. It was a passage from Edda (a collection of Scandinavian poems). which Tolkien is inspired by). They gave them each a kingdom. the new Kingdom of Yggdrassil.

Yggdrasil, is the tree of the universe. at the very top is Asgard, where Odin and his royal court live. In the middle one can find Midgard, the kingdom of men. The Marvels are largely inspired by the boreal stories and they have done a fairly fair and precise job. So if you like comics, the little reminder of the nine kingdoms that I will do will only serve to rafracihir your memory a little frozen, in this period of the year you live in the northern hemisphere.

Trees with names of asgard kingdoms
norse mythologie by wattpad

King Wotan’s children:

Odin had two wives, at least officially because he was a real womanizer (probably he had some French blood … joke). his first wife is the goddess Jörd (the northern gaia) who gave him Thor, the most famous of the pantheon. and Meïli that we never talk about, can be seen as the god of oblivion. The second wife is Frigg, Deseese of the love that gave birth to Hermod, the messenger. Höd the assassin and Baldr god of beauty.

From his mistress, the giant whose beauty is as great as beauty, he was born Vidal the god of the silent vengeane. From his relationship with Rind the beautiful young lady came to the world Valy the half god who exists only to accomplish a vengeance. From the giant Gunnloo guardian of the mead he had Bragi the god of poetry.

What you can make to celebrate his name:

array of all runes.

Odin , Alfrod,Wotan is the god of magic, poetry, seduction, strategy and cunning, knowledge and runes. He is omniscient and omnipotent. On the day of his feast, it is customary to drink mead, to be told poems. Let the runes be fired in his honor. You can also organize a good meal of typical dish which you will find on

You can also buy or make rings or leather bracelets or runes are registered. (take a tour at ikea … no I’m kidding) Give food to the crows in the corner in honor of Mugin and Hugin his faithful birds . Ride bareback on a horse and take a nice walk, in memory of Sleipnir.
Howling like a wolf at the moon, chanting Freki and Geri.
Prepare your altar for him and send him a poetic prayer.
Make a circle of invocations and repeat the names of the runes as if ‘was a mantra. here are some ideas for you to play.

if you want a formula for runes check out:

voila ,good Alfrod party!

by Magus Alba

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