Mountain ash Witchwood tree

January 21st is Rowan’s day. to help you celebrate it is all you can do with this magic tree. To know more about the origin of the ceremony look at my article:_trashed/

Various magical use of the bird tree:

green leafy trees and orange-red fruit.

1) mountain ash roots:

Powdered roots are used to fertilize gardens, make sachets of healing (it is then necessary to mix the bark). In herbal tea, a pinch that must be scalded and filtered before drinking) can recover the earth energy if consumed in a stone circle.You can use it in a healing bag. 100 g of roots and 100 gram of bark that put under the pillow.

2)Moutain ash Wood:

water source. hole lined with stone or there is water.
water source

Let’s start with protection. The branches protect you against the thunder. you have to tie them together with a red ribbon and place them in the attic or the frame of your house (behind a window it works too). You can protect your home from deceased visits. You have to make a Rowan broom and leave it near the front door. You can also protect your animals by hanging (or sticking on the necklace) a splinter of wood. If you hike or walk you can use the wood as a walking stick which will prevent you from losing you or making bad meeting. For snakes it is necessary to strike the ground three times, saying: cold blood far from me.

If you make a flute, the sound makes ghosts, stray animals and bad dreams run away. if you call, you will see birds.

By engraving charms on the wood, using oghams you can make powerful spellings. You can wear them on you or buried them in the earth. You can even hang them on your wall or put it in your pocket.

Celtic scripture made of stroke
Celtic scripture made of stroke

3)Rowan Leaves:

In herbal teas, three leaves for a liter of water it reinforces the power of divination. be careful you must filter the water of your drink before drinking and add sugar because it is very bitter. if you burn the leaves like an incense you will have the same effect, but in addition if you make an astral journey it will prevent a spirit from stealing your body.

In the pillowcase of your boyfriend or girlfriend, his sexual power will be ten times higher.

4)Rowan flowers:

white star-shaped Rowan flowers in the form of stars
rowan flowers

If you wear the flowers in a collar you attract luck and success. you also increase your power of seduction, your psychic gifts and your magic.You can also use them for the beauty of your skin. You have to put a dozen of flowers in a group that you will moisten with water and with which you rub your body. Do not forget to rinse with cold water.

you can use them as an offering on your altar the gods and gods appreciate a lot and you will be grateful.

5)Moutain ash Berries:


You can make jelly (or buy it) that gives strength and tone. 1 kg of fruit, 1 kg of icing sugar. two lemons. You cook the fruits in a little lukewarm water for a few minutes. you filter them to eliminate the skin and the seeds (poison). Add the sugar and cook over low heat until it becomes a jelly. you put in jars of jam and you close the pot.

you can make wine of truth or celebrate the sabbats.for that is the recipe: 1 kg of ripe berries and hulled
1.3 kg of crystallized sugar
4 liters of boiling water
the juice of 2 oranges or lemons
1 packet of yeast (7 gr)
Boil half of the water and sugar and pour the berries over.
Crush everything and add the juice of the oranges (or lemons).
Let cool
In a large bottle (at least 5 liters), put the mixture and add the yeast. Let stand 3 to 5
days depending on temperature (the hotter it is, the less time it takes.) Mix from time to time.
After these 3 or 5 days, the mixture does not smell very good: it’s normal!
Filter the liquid and add the rest of boiled and cooled water. (25 ° maximum).
Close your bottle with a cap provided with a bubbler and let stand 3 months in the cellar.
Filter and return another 1 month to rest.
Filter again and bottle with a muffled cap as fermentation continues.
Keep 1 year at cellar temperature before eating.

You can also use it to feel what your sexual partner feels when you make love. for that you have to eat seven berries without the stones. attention is super bitter, but the risk is worth the game.

You can make a love filter: here is the recipe
400 gr washed and dried fruit
1 bottle of vodka
you wash and dry the fruits. You gongel them for at least 13 days. then you put the fruit in a large container that you can close. you pour 1 liter of vodka, you close the jar. You leave in the dark the preparation and every day you shake for a month. you filter and bottle. you wait another two months and you can use it.

you can make an elixir of youth: you must let macerate 8 berries in white wine 13 days. you filter and you drink every night a shooter.

Precautions to take:

  the fruits must be very red and you must not consume the core. Do not forget to thank the spirit of the tree if you even get the ingredients. Alcohol is dangerous you must limit your consumption. if you are pregnant, avoid using Rowan berries.

Voila, you know almost everything. good ceremony to you!
by Magus Alba


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