the first february ,i imbolc ,and you?



Spring is coming soon, to celebrate his return, Imbolc is prepared on February 1 and celebrated until 2. The perfect occasion to organize a Sabbath of madness.Clipped music, wild dances, Families and friends united in joy and good humor. We come out of the winters, we take the opportunity to adorn ourselves with a thousand fire to welcome the coming of the beautiful days.

This is what I propose to you to celebrate Imbolc (if you are unfortunately alone in your practice you can all realize all alone)

The first morning of imbolc:

breakfast: with cheese ham coffee muesli milk bread butter butter jam orange juice

If like me, you bump during the two days, will have to hold the coup.Hors of question to miss the opportunity to party. From the outset, you have to think about getting ready for it to happen in the best possible way.

We have a breakfast, at the height of the event.On eat copiously, we think well to drink a fresh and organic fruit juice that obviously reminds the sun of the beautiful days that are expected ardament (orange, grapefruit). We take the opportunity to invite friends family if it is not already done.They are told that everyone brings a few things to drink and to eat. It is more friendly and everyone participates according to it means to the party. An email or a text message is faster. otherwise we will arrive late to work. (The best is to be invited not true. Like that, we do not worry about everything).

We take a small shower, rinsing ourselves with cold water. (wake up guarantee and punch to resell). We go to his room to get dressed to go to work, and we take the opportunity to choose the dress that will be put tonight for the Sabbath. Something colorful, new if possible (we are out of sales it’s time to believe a little), if you have nothing under the hand of drinking, will have to find some time to buy some things (first challenge of the year.) At worst we can put some hose that we wear only on rare occasions (avoid all the same what you put at the last burial).

Oops, it’s time to go to work! go on line.
Damn, I forgot the kids. Well no! No! No! Today to change they are going to get along alone (except baby, of course, who is our favorite little dictator). They will put what they want, today we do not take the head.

for the lucky ones who do not work this day. After the shower, we organize to go for a walk and eat a piece outside with family, with friends in a corner where nature offers something to marvel.

During the first day of Imbolc:

partner is important
partner is important

At work, we do not tyrant anyone. We are happier than usual, less critical and more open to others. If we have problems with a colleague it is time to try to settle it smoothly. Brigid who is the goddess boss of imbolc, can help you in this way. you can use the simple formula that I give you before approaching the colleague. “By Brigid, let my words flourish like the first flowers, let my words be as sweet as the milk of the ewes nursing their firstborn.

it’s the perfect time to get started in a new project or to sympathize with a new person in the office.

If that day you were free,back from your trip, a little rest would be welcome. An hour spent reading, relaxing in front of a cup of tea, doing nothing but listening to music or lounging in the garden in the sun if there is can take the opportunity to prepare your altar if you have one. Or try an anchorage.

Then, if it is you who invites you must start the preparations for the reception. You have decided to cook, prepare good little dishes which only you have the secret. (For vegans you can use corn, oats, bulgur, corn, potatoes and beans to honor the goddess Brigid, for others red meat on the barbecue or lamb would be perfect, with seasonal organic vegetables.

The best is still not to take care of the meal and to be delivered or go to dinner at the restaurant. That way we have nothing to do but prepare for the evening.

the evening of imbolc:

procession of light

At the end of work, we can get ready. We are made beautiful. Waiting for the guests, we have a good wine. Aeré it’s much better. Fruit juice in a cocktail is not bad for those who do not drink.
We lit as many lanterns and candles as we can to honor the goddess and the horned god and brigid.
At the arrival of the guests, we greet them by saying “May the gods bless you” and give them a small candle (if you are invited it is the same). Enjoy your friends the time of the aperitif before going to the restaurant or to sit down to the table. Make a good meal, enjoy yourself. Talk to the heart and do not discuss any sensitive subject. Pleasure and laugh with the greater cheerfulness.
After the meal (there are no hours recommended). Find yourself at home or another participant if you have dinner outside (otherwise it will be necessary to leave your home and return) Before entering the house light the candles and enter the house. Put some music into something exciting. Then make a candle ring with your candle, inside which you will dance in honor of the arrival of spring and the goddess Brigid.
 Before you leave, offer a cup of green tea or mint tea. Say goodbye saying, “Keep this sacred fire in your heart.”

You’ve had a good evening! let the candles burn. Do not put anything away you go to sleep thinking about the good time of this day.

The next morning:

puppy who sleeps as tired

You are tired that’s normal. Don’t have a very rich breakfast, but drink some fresh fruit. Ranges the disorder, a shower and go to work. When you come home in the evening clean the house and spend your magic ballet. Give a prayer to Brigid and Call your friends or family and take their news.

  If you don’t work, clean your house up. Then pass your magic balette to purify your house. Address a prayer to Brigid, call your friends your family to get their news. Walk in a park in the countryside and catch the potential energies of your environment.

In the evening, have a light meal with candles. Do not go to sleep, Address a prayer of thanks in front of candle:

“Glory to the Mother Goddess, On this feast day of light! Glory to the horned god, On this day of blessing! The spring is coming Winter is coming out! May you grant me the felicity Every day. So let it be done”.

Happy imbolc to all ! byMagus Alba

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