Spell: Ad Tutela Spiritus

representation of a smoke spirit

the spirit you are going to create is an elemental one, you must not be afraid of it. He will have no other power than the one you want to give him.
However, you must always respect him as an entity and look after him even if his life will be short-lived. You can realize this charm only on objects of noble and natural material that you have to manufacture or buy new. You can use it on plants, or a tree but only when it is in the form of a seed because they are already living in their own minds.
You can not use it on an animal, even if it’s a baby. you can not use it for a mirror either.
this spell is very effective, and easy to achieve the effects will be palpable. you can not miss it.
I advise you to use it for your ritual objects for the creation of a circle of protection or for your magic work. This is the best defense and the energy that will circulate will be a pledge of the success of your work.

Apart from the fact, that it’s better to do it, in the morning when the sun rises, there is no restraint when in the day.

To begin:

spell book

It’s not necessary to purify the place where you will practice. You just have to be clean. And you too.


the spell works for three days. Comfortably installed, place the object in front of you. while looking at him, he invented a name for him. do not give him a name of a god or a spirit already known it will have no effect. If it’s for a talisman or amullette, the name must define its action so you have thought about it before. You can use runes, numbers, a magic alphabet. For example, I use the original meaning of letters. when I model a small amulet of protection for my house, in terracotta I give it the name of Abi (“A = force, B = house, I = give”)

you have his name starts the spell:
the right hand resting on the object repeats 3 times its name clearly then pronounces this formula:

“Nomen Nativitatis,

Nomen Vigiliae

Nomen Vitae

Tutela Spiritus

Ego Tibi Dabit Vitam

Tutela Spiritus ,Khepri dat vitam

Pugna apud Ré tum Seth

Apophis quia Aurora

the next day do the same thing always with the right hand. Now you have to assign a function to it. for example, if it is a candle for your circle you will repeat three times: Preside and guard the door of the south. Continuing with the spell formula.
The third and last day, it is with your left hand that you will realize the spell. Give him his power. example if it is an amulet you will repeat: I give you the power to bring the happiness, continuing with the spell.

here is your object provided with a protective spirit. So that you can use it wisely

Tom of Nefertari . in a back you can see Khepri whit his beetle face
Khepri tomb of Nefertari

For further:

The elementary you created can not change names or have multiple functions. Neither a function too evasive. When you attribute one, you must be precise. Use simple words that do not have a double meaning. the spell is in itself protect which means that even if you have bad intentions when it is used it will not work.
This spell is several thousand years old and was used by the Egyptian priests. If I retranslated it in Latin it is quite difficult to pronounce. the god Khépri who is invoked in the formula is the god of dawn, we know him in the form of a man with a beetle head.

representation of Seth

apart from the water, candles, and the incense the spirit to whom you gave life will live as long as you enter into a special bond with him. You have to feed him with your emotions, talk to him, make him feel powerless. You have to consider him as your child because that’s what he is. The stronger the relationship between you, the stronger it will be. If you make an amulet or a talisman that you intend to offer someone do the dice the spell is over. the new owner will have to establish a relationship with him as soon as possible or he will refuse to act.
To finish the mind is not immortal. The more his protection is sought, the more difficult it will be to strengthen it.
If he breaks it does not fix it, it’s over for him.

by Magus Alba

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