Magic Helper


Friendship is the sympathy of two equal souls.Eastern proverb; The Apologists and Eastern Tales (1784)

who are magic helpers:

They are better known as familiar. They are our magic acolytes, our companions of magic, our traveling companions, our muses, our guides, our protectors. They have been here since the dawn of time, long before the birth of man. They often accompany sorcerers and witches throughout their lives, but this is not always the case because we do not forget that they are equal to being full.

They are supernatural entities (spirits, genies, daemon) that can take various forms or keep their own essence. We can meet them in humanoid form (this is less rare than one might think), obviously it concerns more the unattached , but also when they have missions to their wizards or witches. Most often, and for practical reasons,  he can take the physical envelope of an animal(domestic being the most common form)

They are as I said a little higher up since the nights of time. The various researches, readings and philosophical discussions that I have undertaken for a few decades about them make me advance the hypothesis that It is the horned god that he has breathed life into them. They were only thoughts of the mother goddess, and Cernnunos materialized them. The Thinking alone is a form of life


When not found someone to guide, to accompany the pets live immaterially or materially in the heart of forests. Because they find there protection and what to eat spiritually and physically.

When a Magic Companion appears:

There is no better time than another. It does not matter if you are new to magic or already confirmed. Whether you practice white, green, black or telluric magic or any magic, the familiar can appear in your life. We can inherit a familiar or, he can gived to us. he can come to us unexpectedly when , it is always when we need it most. he can also be solicited by a ritual or a simple meditative quest. Anyway it always has a link with the magic.

When does a magic acolyte connect with us:

It’s he and only he who decides it, he is our equal and acts according to his good will. Just like us he is made of antagonistic feelings.
He is independent and can leave at any time. Inheriting of familiar does not necessarily mean that it is related to us. This is also true when he presents himself to us. It’s up to us to create a special bond with he, a lasting affinity. He is by no a being subject to our desires or thinks. He has his own personality that must be respected.

own personality

It’s necessary to create a reciprocity, an intimacy, so that a lasting friendship is born. You have to share and listen, feed yourself with experiences, learn to know each other without forcing things. Time will work in your favor.

what is the use a familiar:

He accompanies us in our magical work, he is there to guide us. It also mediates between the physical world and the spiritual world. He may be a messenger of divinity, ancestor of another wizard or witch. It can be a way of carrying one’s mind to another place.He can show us the way when we are lost. He can serve as a spy and warn us of danger. He is also a guardian and a protection against harmful things. it can also help us get rid of too much magical energy. or be a bulwark against a bad spell or triple returns. He can be a wonderful confidant, a wise adviser, a friend at all times. The companion of a life.

Can a “magic helper” die?

Properly speaking no. But when we say that a familiar takes the physical shell of an animal, it must be understood that he chooses an animal and shares with him his body. It may seem cruel at first sight, but the sharing and well and truly real. There is no hard struggle to dominate him. He also accompanies this one until his last breath. Then the familiar, shares again a carnal envelope.

This implies that we could already have had to share our reincarnation with a pet and so it is very likely that the familiar who shares our life, we knew him already for a long time … I let you do your own idea on the subject.


by Magus Alba

Penetrating bowl

I propose here to develop the gift of clairvoyance or to acquire the technique in a simple and effective way with a practice for beginners and confirmed wizards and witches.

Kindness is the best source of spiritual insight.
Du sentiment tragique de la vie (1913)
 de Miguel de Unamuno.

Farseeing ,what does in mean?

It is the capacity to be able to see in the past (retrocognition) or in the future (precognition) events concerning a person, a situation, facts.It is an extra-sensory perception. A distant vision that is not recognized by scientists and which nevertheless particularly interests the army. But also the services of police who appeal to clairvoyants in abduction cases for example.

We must not confuse clairvoyance with mediumship. Mediums (or chnannel) can be clairvoyant, but they get the benefit of entity, of spirit.

Who can be enlightened?

Some, we are not afraid to say it, more easily than others. But it is not a providential gift of nature as one can read it or hear it say often enough. This is within everyone’s reach, if we use magic tools.What must be said is that to arrive at a good clairvoyance it is necessary to practice often. The beginnings are difficult (because it takes concentration) and confusing (we can not always interpret what we see). And it happens very often, during the first tests that we see absolutely nothing. See in the strict sense of the term, our conscious does not systematically decipher what our unconscious captures. A little like dreams, we dream every night and yet we do not necessarily remember.

We must follow his intuition, his reptilian spirit, even though neurobiologists like Mr.http://Jean-Didier_Vincentare convinced that we have three distinct brains.

What is the bowl of clairvoyance?

It is used most often to see the future. The future we see there is not an immutable future (this is the case for tarot too). It is a vision of the near future or of a future more or less long term. It presents the greatest probability that what one perceives arrives. But it is by no means a certainty because since we know this probability it is easy to interact for change. Either so that it does not arrive or to reinforce it.In the case of the past, there is no probability, there is only certainty and conviction, sometimes altered by a bad interpretation.

It can also be used to know the worst of our enemies, the one who curses us, or to visit the ethereal world which is a difficult and dangerous practice.Who will be the subject of a future article.

Practical exercises of Penetrating bowl:


  • a bowl, or a non-translucent glass, your cauldron (you can spend it for more success)
  • fresh water (you can spend it for more success)
  • a candle (not required but recommended)incense (oliban or benjouin or sandalwood).
  • a small purified stone (for beginners).
  • black ink (for the intermediate year)

Before beginning the exercises, I suggest you exercise your concentration with a mirror, a window or whatever it is that reflects your image (exercise that can serve you later). Observe you 5 minutes, then close your eyes and see the picture of you that you have just seen.

Exercise for beginners:

Put your recipient in front of you in a bright place but no direct sun. install yourself comfortably. Light your candle, you are in order, and your incense.

Ask a question, if you have a candle look at it by repeating the questions three times in a row or silently it is you who choose. if not, bring your attention to the smoke of incense.

Say with your left hand on top of the container: “Oh no one else than me wants answers to my choices” immerse the stone in the container and count the number of ripples on the surface of the water (wait until the water has become placid again). the even numbers indicate a positive answer the odd ones a negative answers.

Intermediate exercise:

Put your container in front of you in a clear place but no direct sun. Make yourself comfortable. Light your candle if you have it and your incense. fix one or the other for a moment, thinking of nothing but what you are watching. Then as soon as you feel ready place the left hand at the top of the container and say:

O goddess past and present are bound, the born is dying, the dying is born.

that an instant of this cycle be revealed to me “

Put some ink in the water. wait for a shape to emerge. It will be up to you to interpret it keeping in mind that the first intuition is often the right one.

Exercise for confirmed wizards and witches:

At dawn or sunset. Put your container in front of you in a clear place. Light your candle and incense. Center yourself, capture the creative energies of your environment. Become in the epicenter. Call in the goddess and the horned god in the form of a litany then project with both hands the energy you have accumulated on the container and immerse your eyes in the water.

visions will not be long in appearing. As far as I am concerned, I have a habit of projecting their memory in a stone so as not to forget a part of it, but also that there were no dreams afterwards. Thank the gods.

As far as I am concerned, I have the habit of projecting their memories into a stone so as not to forget them on the one hand but also because it does not pollute but dreams afterwards.

If you do these exercises or have questions, report back to me. I remain at your disposal.

Magus Alba

The little magical people of our homes

The house elve

The house elves are facetious, and they are temperamental for the most part. They are of various sizes and are not like popular imagery would have us believe all old bearded older than centenarians with the lecherous spiritwearing a red cap. It is with the family, most of the time that they settle in the cellars, the lofts the cellars and any other place very little frequented by us humans. They are more attached to the house than to the family that lives in it. But sometimes the opposite is true. It is not uncommon for their children to come with us when he leaves the house. So much nonsense and mischief done together, it brings closer necessarily.Although they like us to remain invisible, they are not discrete in their jokes (they precipitate to the soil objects of decoration which they do not appreciate. all of you live at home and not the other way around. They only show themselves to adults on rare occasions. (because we could remember them, and therefore solicit them).they are workers, but they prefer that it be for their own benefit. They talk to the animals in the house and watch over them. they love to metamorphose often to play tricks. They love milk, and turns into a cat (yours often) to get it. They also like to warm up in front of a cozy fireplace (if you find a cushion in front of the hearth, when you have not put it on it is suddenly that it was occupied by one or more goblins). They are dressed simply, often of mended fabrics which have in their eyes a great sentimental value. They are endowed with astonishing magical power, apart from the fact that they are metamorphic. They can see the future and cast terrible spells on anyone who intrudes or harms one of their members. If you succeed to form bonds of friendship (which is not easy, because he does not like that one seeks to see them or to speak to them) they will bring you their protection, and will not hesitate to give you a boost when you practice the magic arts, inspiring you especially in the formulation of spells and incantations. But be careful, it will only do so if you have a pure heart and your intentions are good and in return you give them a small gift as a thank you. They love dairy products and especially milk. By the way If you want to know if goblins have taken up residence in your home simply put the night, a cup of milk, in a room prohibited to your pets). And check if milk has not been drunk. If so, do not forget to give them often. Like us, they get used to good things quickly.

Domestic Fairies:

Domestic fairies, like their kind, have the same features as us, except perhaps their wings, which they like to hide under magnificent clothes sewn with their hands. they are of a great beauty, and when we dive into their eyes we are subjugated. They are neither small nor big because they choose under which size to appear. They like comfort, cleanliness and clarity. Unlike the elves, domestic fairies do not settle in family in a quiet corner of the house. They prefer places of passage and life, because she hates loneliness. These fairies have left their people for love (which is often problematic, because despite their wisdom, they are very jealous.) Be motivated by deep gratitude. The fairies never forget when they have been served. They attach themselves for centuries to a family until there is no longer a single survivor or that we betray it (their fury is deadly). It only appears to us when they have decided in our dreams, but also in the places of the house where we least expect it. They enjoy our modesty and we play tricks always borrowed kindness. She loves babies especially when they laugh.

hey have great magical powers and know all things by name. They talk to animals about flora and insects and are particularly sociable with other members of the common people. They are wonderful protectors and do not hesitate to share their knowledge. magic especially in the field of herbalism. This is not necessarily the case of other fairies who like to tease in their own way (sometimes cruelly) human beings.They never give anything without waiting for a return. They do not tolerate being told to do things or being upset. Morning dew is a wonderful gift and the smartest way to know if it shares our daily lives. We pick a flower or a leaf soaked with dew that is placed in front of a window on a cloth napkin. if you notice traces of water droplets on the edges of the towel a few minutes later it is that a fairy has passed by.

Les gardiens magiques de nos maisons

Les lutins de maison:

Les lutins:

Les lutins de maison sont facétieux, et ils sont caractériels pour la plupart. Ils sont de diverses tailles et ne sont pas comme l’imagerie populaire voudrait nous le faire croire tous de vieux barbus plus que centenaires a l’esprit lubrique
portant un bonnet rouge.  C’est en famille , la plupart du temps qu’ils s’installent dans les caves ,les greniers les celliers et tout autre endroit très peu fréquenté par nous autres humains. Ils sont plus attachés a la demeure qu’a la famille qui l’habite. Mais il arrive que soit le contraire. Il n’est pas rare que leurs enfants accompagnent les nôtres lorsqu’il quitte la maison. Tant de bêtises et d’ espiègleries faites ensemble  , ça rapproche forcement.Malgré qu’ ils aiment nous rester invisibles, ils ne sont pas discrets dans leurs facéties (ils précipitent au sols des objets de décoration qu’ils n’apprécient guère.) Apres tous c’est vous qui habitez chez eux et pas l’inverse.ils ne se montrent aux adultes que dans de rares occasions. (car nous pourrions nous souvenir d’eux,et donc les solliciter). ils sont travailleurs certes mais ils préfèrent que cela soit pour leur propre bénéfice. Ils parlent au animaux de la demeure et veille sur eux. ils adorent se métamorphoser bien souvent pour nous jouer des  petits tours .Ils adorent le lait, et se transforme volontiers en chat(le votre souvent) pour en obtenir. Ils aiment aussi se réchauffer devant un feu de cheminée confortablement installés .(si vous trouvez un coussin devant l’âtre, alors que vous ne l’y avait pas mis c’est a coup sur  qu’il a été occupé par un ou des lutins).Ils sont vêtus simplement ,bien souvent de tissus raccommodés qui ont a leur yeux une grande valeur sentimentale. Ils sont dotés d’étonnant pouvoir magique , en dehors du fait qu’ils soient métamorphe.Ils peuvent voir l’avenir et jeter de terribles sortilèges a quiconque les importunes ou cause du tort a un de leur  membre. Si vous réussissez a tissé des liens d’amitié(ce qui n’est pas choses facile, car il n’aime pas que l’on cherche a les voir ni a leur parler ) ils vous apporteront leur protection, et n’hésiteront pas a vous donner un coup  de pouce lorsque vous pratiquez les arts magiques , en vous inspirant notamment dans la formulation des sorts et incantations. Mais attention il ne le feront que si vous avez un cœur pur et que vos intentions soient bonnes et qu’en contrepartie vous leur offrez un petit cadeau en guise de remerciement. Ils adorent les produits laitiers et surtout le lait. D’ailleurs Si vous voulez savoir si des lutins ont élu domicile chez vous il faut simplement déposer la nuit, une tasse de lait , dans une pièce interdite a vos animaux domestiques ). Et vérifier si du lait n’a pas été bu. Si c’est le cas n’oubliez pas de leur en donner souvent. Tout comme nous ils s’habituent vite au bonnes choses.

Les Fées Domestiques:

les fées domestiques:

Les fées domestiques tout comme leurs semblables, ont les mêmes traits que nous, sauf peut être leurs ailes qu’elles aiment cacher sous de magnifiques vêtements cousus de leur main. ils ou elles sont d’une grande beauté , et lorsque l’on plonge dans leur regard l’on est subjugué. Elles ne sont ni petites ni grandes car elles choisissent sous quelle taille apparaître. Elles aiment le confort , la propreté et la clarté. A contrario des lutins , les fées domestiques ne s’installent pas en famille dans un coin tranquille de la maison. Elles préfèrent les lieux de passage et de vie, car elle déteste la solitude.Ces fées ont quitté leur peuples soit par amour (ce qui est souvent problématique, car malgré leur sagesse , elles sont très jalouses.) Soit motivés par une profonde reconnaissance. Les fées n’oublient jamais lorsqu’on leur a rendu service . Elles s’attachent alors des siècles durant a une famille jusqu’à qu’il n’y est plus un seul survivant ou que l’on ne la trahisse(leur furie est mortelle).Elle nous apparaissent uniquement quand elles l’on décidé dans nos rêves , mais aussi dans les endroits de la maison ou l’on s’y attend le moins .Elles s’amusent de nos pudeurs et nous jouent des tours toujours emprunt de gentillesse . Elle adorent les bébés surtout quand ils rient. Elles ont de grands pouvoirs magique  et connaissent tous choses par leur nom.Elles parlent au animaux a la flore et  aux insectes et sont particulièrement sociables avec les autres membres du petit peuple.Elles sont de merveilleuses protectrices et n’hésitent pas a partager leur savoir magique surtout en matière d’herboristerie. Ce qui n’est pas forcement le cas des autres fées qui aiment taquiner a leur manière(parfois de façon cruel) les être humains.Elles ne donnent jamais rien sans en attendre un retour. Elles ne supportent pas qu’on leur ordonne de faire des choses ni être contrariées .La rosée du matin est un merveilleux cadeau et le moyen le plus malin de savoir si elle partage notre quotidien. On cueille une fleur ou une feuille gorgée de rosée que l’on dépose devant une fenêtre sur une serviette de tissu . si vous remarquez des traces de gouttelettes d’eau sur les bords de la serviette quelques minutes plus tard c’est qu’une fée est passée par la .

ARADIA, la première des sorcières/ARADIA, the first of the witches

Malheureusement et malgré son importance il existe très peu d’info sur la fille de la déesse diane. La plupart des ouvrages traitant du sujet ainsi que les infos que l’on peut glaner sur le web font référence au livre de Charles Godfrey Leland “Aradia,or the Gospel of the  witches”.Unfortunately and despite its importance there is very little information about the daughter of the goddess diane. Most of the books on the subject as well as information that can be gleaned from the web refer to Charles Godfrey Leland’s book “Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches”.

C’est un ouvrage dont les écrits font références aux traditions de sorcières italiennes inspiré par Maddalena de Taluti et qui sont de nos jours encore très controversés. It is a work whose writings refer to the traditions of Italian witches inspired by Maddalena de Taluti and which are still very controversial today.

voila un petit résumé condensé de la légende de la première des sorcières/Here is a short condensed summary of the legend of the first witch:

Diane éprouvait un grand désir pour Lucifer son frere(attention a ne pas faire l’amalgame avec l’ange déchu,car lucifer (latin) ou Esosphoros en grec désigne l’étoile du matin,(venus). Mais celui-ci n’était guère disposé a céder a ses avances . Elle utilisa un subterfuge pour se rapprocher de lui alors qu’il dormait .Diane had a great desire for Lucifer her brother (be careful not to amalgamate with the fallen angel, because lucifer (Latin) or Esosphoros in Greek means the morning star, (come) But this one does not She was reluctant to give in. She used a subterfuge to get close to him as he slept.

 Elle prit la forme du chat de son frère car elle savait qu’il l’aimait tant qu’il l’autorisait a partager sa couche.  Elle négocia avec le chat pour prendre sa place.She took the form of her brother’s cat because she knew he loved her so much that he allowed her to share his bed. She negotiated with the cat to take her place.

Puis la nuit venue elle redevint Déesse .Et Lucifer  cédât a ses charmes.C’est la que naquit Aradia.Then at night she became Goddess. And Lucifer gave in to her charms. That’s where Aradia was born

Les années passèrent et sur la terre les temps devinrent dur . Les hommes riches harceler les pauvres et ils  en firent des esclaves.Diane touchée par leurs suppliques,  envoya sa fille Aradia sur terre sous une forme humaine pour leur enseigner la sorcellerie , les arts magiques afin qu’ils puissent sortir de leur misère et punir leur maître.
Elle fut la première des sorcières.
Avec discernement. Elles leur enseigna l’art des plantes et des poisons,ainsi que la maîtrise des éléments . Ils furent apte a lutter contre leurs oppresseurs.

The years passed and on earth the times became hard. Rich men harassed the poor and made them slaves. Diana, touched by their petitions, sent her daughter Aradia to earth in a human form to teach them witchcraft, magical arts so that they could get out of their misery and punish their children. master. She was the first witch. With discernment. They taught them the art of plants and poisons, as well as the mastery of the elements. They were able to fight against their oppressors.

Son enseignement terminé , elle quitta la terre en faisant promettre a ses élèves qu’a chaque pleine lune en signe de reconnaissance et chaque fois qu’ils désireraient quelques choses ils se réuniraient, nus en reconnaissance de leur liberté pour honorer et remercier Diane , la Reine des sorcières qui avait promis de balayer le mal et ses serviteurs et leur avait permit par l’intermédiaire d’Aradia d’apprendre les arts magiques.When she finished teaching, she left the earth, promising her students that each full moon was a sign of gratitude, and each time they wanted something they would come together, naked in recognition of their freedom to honor and thank Diane, the Queen of the witches who had promised to sweep the evil and her servants and allowed them through Aradia to learn the magical arts.

La reine Diane,grande déesse donna a sa fille Aradia en guise de remerciement le pouvoir de répondre a leurs vœux .

Queen Diana, the great goddess, gave her daughter Aradia as a thank you the power to respond to their wishes.

(Personnellement , c’est vers elle que je me tourne la quasi totalité du temps . Elle veille sur moi et les miens et réponds toujours a mes appels, mes souhaits et mes dé la prie régulièrement et la  considère comme une mère. )(Personally, I turn to her almost all the time, she watches over me and mine and always answers my calls, my wishes and my desires.I regularly ask her and consider her as a mother.)

Maddalena Taluti

Novembre c’est sex

Le mois de novembre est consacré a Priame (Mutunus tutunus). Dieu au sexe démesuré et a l’ambiguïté certaine. Un dieu protecteur des jardins, des troupeaux mais surtout un dieu de jouissance, de plaisir .
Particulièrement aimé des sorciers et des sorcières hédonistes et lgbt.
il peut être sollicité pour accroître sa libido, augmenter son sex-appeals,
renforcé sa virilité ou sa féminité . mais aussi et souvent pour améliorer sa fertilité ou celle de son jardin.
Dans la Grèce antique et chez les romains l’on faisait de grande fêtes charnelles en son honneur dans les jardins devant un grand feu .
pour hédonistes vous pouvez organiser un sabbat en son honneur d’une manière très festive,,danses endiablés et lancinantes, nus dans un cercle consacré ou nourritures et boissons sont a profusion. les bougies mauves et de l’encens musqué sont recommandés. Seul ,en duo, ou a plusieurs ce doit être un moment privilégié ou on libère ses pulsions sexuelles ou tout est permis.l’important c’est que le plaisir soit au rendez vous(même seul).
pour les autres vous pouvez l’honorer en faisant un phallus surdimensionner (bois, filmo , pate a sel ect…) en lui offrant des fleurs des fruits et en versant du lait ou du miel sur sa représentation.
exemples de litanie que vous pouvez utiliser:
” oh Priape apporte nous (moi)
puissance et jouissance
vigueur et ardeur
(homme:que nos(notre) érections soit intenses
et nous t’offrirons notre semence.)
(femmes: que nos vulves soit en effervescence
et nous t’offrirons nos transe)”

Fêtes de Sucellus le 11 Novembre the festivities of Sucellus.

Sucellos of his real name, is a Gallic god who has been venerated in three quarters of Europe. He is the god of beer, of rebirth but also of fertility.
But also agricultural crafts and coopers.
we can ask him to fertilize farmland and offer good harvests, but also to grow his business.
you can count on him to help if you want to change your life, work.
it can be solicited also when one wants to bring a repairing effect to an ointment.
the festivities begin for the most valiant dawn with a mug of hot beer with honey and two leaves of herbs with a hundred tastes (Armoise vulgaris).
the meals of this day must be accompanied exclusively by beer according to your preferences (but in moderation)
in the evening, we can celebrate a Sabbath alone (of bare preferences) or accompany with candles of green colors, red (white if you have nothing else at hand), we obviously drink beer (or herbal teas) nettle for those who do not like.)
rose incense or sandalwood.
for example here is a little litany that you can use:
“Sucellos, Sucellos, Sucellos, make my lands fertile
and my things.
May this sweet drink that we drink (that I drink) in your homage,
revive the passion of our (my) body and revive our spirit. ”
to repeat as much as you wish.
do not forget to make libations.

Sucellos de son vrai nom ,est un dieu gaulois qui été vénéré dans les trois quart de l’Europe. Il est le dieu de la bière , de la renaissance mais aussi de la fertilité.
Mais aussi de l’artisanat agricole et des tonneliers.
on peut lui demander de fertiliser les terres agricoles et d’offrir de bonnes récoltes, mais aussi de faire fructifier ses affaires .
on peut compter sur lui pour apporter son aide si l’on veut changer de vie, de travail.
on peut le solliciter aussi lorsque l’on veut apporté un effet réparateur a un onguent.
les festivités débutent pour les plus vaillant dés l’aube avec un mug de bière chaude avec du miel et deux feuilles d’herbes aux cents goût (Armoise vulgaire).
les repas de ce jour doit être accompagné exclusivement de bière selon vos préférences (mais avec modération)
le soir ,on peut célébrer un sabbat seul(de préférences nu) ou accompagner avec des bougies de couleurs vertes,rouges(blanches si l’on a rien d’autres sous la main), on boit évidement de la bière(ou des tisanes d’ortie pour ceux qui n’aiment pas.)
de l’encens de rose ou bois de santal.
a titre d’exemple voici une petite litanie que vous pouvez utiliser:
“Sucellos, Sucellos , Sucellos, rends donc fertiles mes terres
et mes affaires .
Que ce doux breuvage que nous buvons(que je bois) en ton hommage,
ranime la passion de nos(mon) corps et fait renaître notre esprit.”
a répéter autant que vous souhaitez.
n’oubliez pas de faire des libations.

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